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Formerly known as: Kahz
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17:42 Wed 8/13/2014
17:38 Wed 8/13/2014
17:31 Wed 8/13/2014
02:38 Wed 7/23/2014

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Joined Nov 4, 2008
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My name is Jay and I like cats.

13:45 Tue 4/27/2010
Kahz. Havnt seen ya in some time. I chose your entry for my male fursona, but i did end up making a female one. I just need to practice drawin Tenshi here, which I named in Japanese it means Angel. THANK YOU!

12:22 Tue 3/23/2010
Ohh, your art is great, Im digging your style! Im really looking forward to see some more! :D

12:15 Thu 1/7/2010
hey thare Kahz! Cute artwork you have :D
Plez do me a request?
Plez pop by my gallery sometime :D

20:11 Mon 12/7/2009
hey kahz! waat's up? :D
do you remember the requestt I asked you on the sckether?
if you can do this character to me:
I will be glad! :D

14:29 Mon 10/12/2009
wow your art is amazing !!!
why so few comment ?
i will tell lots of people (well my friends ) about you !!!
your new fan yakual

20:44 Tue 9/15/2009
Hey kahz C: saw you on sketcher and i wanted to fav u

01:10 Sun 11/30/2008
Welcome to TLKFAA! I really like your art! (And hope you do get that scanner!)

I luff your pride!

15:13 Sat 11/8/2008
Haya^^ your art is great you draw very cute keep it up

13:52 Fri 11/7/2008
Hi! Welcome to the TLKFAA, SkareCrowe!
You've got nice first pics!
Keep it up ^o^

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