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Please visit my friends' great arts,thank you~~ :3</td><td></td></tr></table><br><font size=3 color=darkblue><b>Art trades who owe me for a very long time:</b><br><a href="" target=_blank><b>Domino</b></a> x 3 chars<br><a href="" target=_blank><b>Balaa</b></a> x 2 chars

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Love drawing,singing and playing PC/TV games... Manga,Anime,movies,computer,J-Rock music are my life.Love animals and fantasy stuff. Living by drawing pics for web games and commissions now.

My arts of early 2001 all were done with the mouse,but I finally use scanner and tablet now.:)

If you have interest,please take a look at my site:
J.C.'s Dump
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I may open to take commissions and art trades,please read this page first:

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