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I love this backwards one!!! my fave parts are the licking and when he messes up his own hair!!!!!
My art is my life, i Love it :)
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I'm not really evil.(maybe, just a bit!)
Just joking,
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My family!
my family are so cool trust me!
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*victory dances* yes!!! JAGUARS , CUTE!!!!

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YESS!! IT WORKS!! this is an animation i made of Isgreat!
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This is acidy sambalina!

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I am a pickle, i've never tryed one before but !! meh!!

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A lion animation of Scar and Simba's fight scene!! but between scar's follower and nala!

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Really i'm doing stuff!
bored to death1
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06:05 Wed 7/27/2011
Oncoming Storm

I saw your bulletin about photoshop. I'd recommend Photoshop Elements 5 as Firestar said, it's a good all rounder program but the only problem is it's hard to get now.

The newer version of Elements (7 I think) is available in Curry's/PC World for about £70-£90 which is still a bit much but compared to £400+ for the newer photoshops it's a bargain.

11:54 Tue 7/26/2011
Hey there Isgreat! :D I saw your bulletin and thought I'd stop by and leave my 2 cents since I've used both the newer and older version of Photoshop. ^^

Photoshop CS and up all pretty much have the exact same features aside from a few minor programming tweaks and additions in the newer versions. CS4, the version I use at school, has a nifty animation feature but other than that, the rest is all geared towards graphic designing and the like.

The version I use most often (what every pic in my gallery was done with) is Photoshop Elements 5.0. It's an older, scaled down program of the newer versions that came with my tablet. It doesn't have as many tools and buttons as some PS versions, but I like it. ;3 You can make just as awesome artwork with it as you can CS5.

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend getting anything higher than CS2 if you're strictly going to do just digital art. While the newer versions are nice, they cost quite a bit and aren't really worth it. (unless you get a student's discount from Adobe, then get the newest version you can! xD) You can get Photoshop Elements 7 or 9 at your local Wal-Mart for around $90

00:09 Tue 7/26/2011
Hey, saw your bulletin about Photoshop and thought I'd give my thoughts. I'm not sure what you mean by original Photoshop, but one thing to keep in mind is that newer versions will always be coming out. I have CS5, which has a lot of cool stuff, but at the core, the last several versions of Photoshop that have come out all do the same thing. It really depends on what you want to do with the program and how many things you are willing to learn. If you want all the cool bells and whistles, go for the newest version. I'm sure you can find product demo videos on youtube of both the current and outdated versions of Photoshop which could highlight each versions' advantages/disadvantages.

Hope this helps!

11:33 Mon 5/31/2010
Hi there. Nice art you have! ^_^ Keep it up c:

14:18 Tue 11/24/2009
Do I get Booboo?

21:13 Tue 11/10/2009
Hey, i noticed you made a contest about the breeding program you asked me a while back if you could use. i said you could so long as you site my idea. please make sure you do that. thank you.

13:25 Sat 10/31/2009
Hi! Well, I wanted to enter my characters Kaza, and Pepper into your contest, But I was wondering, if I win, can I keep kaza and pepper, and just share them with you instead of giving them to you?

09:12 Sat 10/31/2009
Hello. I noticed your contest and I suppose you'd be interested in seeing this:

Those are reasonable "breeding program" basics you might find useful ^_^

15:10 Wed 10/21/2009
kk i will do your profile pic soon ! XD

15:35 Sat 9/26/2009
Hi I saw that you wrote that I won the 2nd place in your contest. And about prize can I have my char Kumla-Drover?? Please. Here is ref. of him : and the colours Your pictures are quite nice I like them ^_^

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