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Updated: Feb. 4, 2018, 4:17 p.m.

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Joined Nov 20, 2007
First Upload Nov 20, 2007
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Hi, My name is Huntsong. I've been on the Archive for a many years now.
I love drawing lions, the Archive is the reason I got into drawing. I also have a DeviantArt account, my user name is Coppertooth.
I'm 21 and have two dogs and an older sister. My dogs are Mini Schnauzers.

My favorite characters to draw are Huntsong and Torm.

Favorite Movie: Pink Floyd the Wall
Favorite Food: The Old Spaghetti Factory, or sushi
Favorite Drink: I just don't know anymore
Favorite Actor: Robert Downey Jr, Ewan McGregor maybe?
Favorite Person in TV business: Trey Parker
Favorite Band: Pink Floyd
Favorite Cartoon/Character: Futurama/Fry
Favorite TLK Char: Kovu
Favorite Artist Here: Firestar
Favorite TV Show: Lost/Dexter

My hobbies other then drawing include Writing, And Acting. I love to act.
I am writing several stories that usually revolve around my charater, Torm. And yes, I lionized him.

I want to write/direct movies for a career, my only other option is flying planes.

Ok I think thats enough about me. Leave me a message and maybe we can be friends? And keep a look out for more art :D

2017 Update: A lot of this is not accurate anymore but I'm going to leave it because it's a blast from the past haha

22:10 Mon 3/23/2015
you got great art ^^
and you may not be all too active here, but I do like your art :)

16:17 Mon 4/1/2013
I'm trying to teach myself how to draw lions (seeing as I haven't tried since about five years ago), and I was wondering, could I try drawing Blaze again?

16:36 Mon 11/19/2012
Wow you have some wonderful art :D I can't wait to fully check out your gallery *favs* :D

20:51 Thu 11/1/2012
WHAT?? I havnt left a comment yet? Iv been one of your fans for ages and i just thought id let you know that i think you should be artist of the month!! V

10:34 Sat 12/31/2011
I'm having major issues getting this picture of Flute uploaded to the site right now XD Grrr. I have it over on DA here:
Once I can get it uploaded here I'll send it to your art trades/requests :)

14:38 Thu 12/29/2011
Oncoming Storm

I'd like to do a trade with you. If you want to then could you draw my Flo please? (my car as a lioness)


Who would you like me to draw? Just let me know :)

EDIT: I'll surprise you :)

23:02 Wed 12/28/2011
Butterfly Lion
hey there
I'm interested in doing a trade with you, that is if your interested in drawing any of my characters. Let me know :)

21:13 Fri 2/4/2011
Hey, could I get the chick you have on the TT? The purple one with the arrow markings? I'd call her Evelyn. It seems to suit her. She'd be good friends with my lionesses Sienna and Nikki. :) And possibly Andrea x)

08:57 Sun 4/4/2010
hey saw your bulletin Have you checked your local disney store they usually have a bunch of dvds, or even online like seems to have everything

06:05 Sun 4/4/2010
Vitanicub (Tani)
Just saw your message on the dartboard.

Unfortunately, it will be a very long time before LK comes out of the vault again. It only came out of the vault for a limited time shortly after LK3, which was in 2004. Disney is doing the rounds, slowly unlocking each film. The next is Beauty and the Beast in autumn, after that it will probably be Fantasia. Two get de-vaulted every year, so it will be a long time before LK is out again.

Your best bet is to either get a DVD/Video combi payer, which is what I have. I had the same problem with getting LK on DVD, but I went to a convention (sci-fi/amie/cult) that had a guy selling Disney DVDs at his stall, so I got them that way. Because they couldn't be got anywhere else, however, it was expensive at about £22.

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