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<center>Hello there, all you wonderful artists and non-artists! ^^ Welcome to my small corner of this beautiful archive! Feel free to look around and comment on my disgusting art. :P I am HorseCoyote, erm…a horse…coyote…*cough* I am 14 years old and an artist (duh). I play bassoon and participate in the Furry Forum, where I am a mostly active role-player. My characters there include: Trinity: A black lioness, Kamp: An oddly colored male lion :S, and Kanaan: A depressed husky hybrid.

I am no longer open or art trades or requests due to a depressing experience on my own part. I will still finish my trades but I no longer feel like I have any time… *sighs*

<b><u>Art Trades/Requests</u></b>

FingerPuppet (Jixayn): Sway - <I> Trade Finished ~ Awaiting Your Half</I>

FingerPuppet (Jixayn): Aden - <I> Gift Finished</I>

SpectralDagger: Fursona (Can’t remember name *merp*) - <I> Finished ~ Awaiting Your Half </I>

Golden: Doxa - <I> Finished </I>

Dagger/Xue: Mhrrin - <i> Finished Character Trade and Awaiting Your Half </i>

If there’s any others I forgot. Please let me know. :P I have a bad memory.

Okay, for those artists who think I’m rude when I ask for a trade or request in a comment, well, here is the reason. I currently have hardly anytime to answer my e-mail, let alone check it. I’m not even allowed to have one. So please, don’t judge me when you received a trade or something of that sort in your comment bow. It’s really my only means of letting you know. :| Thanks for your understanding!

Some of you might be wondering, where’s HorseCoyote’s Quiz Tests? Where’d they all go? Well, I got rid of them, permanently. I was receiving some displeased comments from artists and people who visit who say it’s way too long and annoying, and meant for livejournals. And I have succumbed to their wishes and will not bring them back at all, unless I make one of my own. Then I’ll just have to have my own shameless plug. :P

The following names are my own creation. Do not take!

Dinara Aquarius

That’s the whole bunch! Thank for understanding! :)

Thanks to the <b>8</b> artists who have added me to their favorite artist list! It’s so nice of you! :) And another big heaping of thank you’s to all the wonderful artists who have commented on my gallery! Thankee everybody! :D

And to any of you art thieves out there, KEEP YOUR STICKY PAWS OFF MY ART!!!! *burns up in flames* I’ve never had an art theft but I’ve learned that it’s good to do that, heehee.

If there’s anything else I forgot, I’ll add it so, :P.

All characters, some names, and marking ideas © to HorseCoyote 2002 2003 </center>

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