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Well.....I'm new here so I dont really know how it work. And my scanner dont work, so I can't upload my picture for now. :(

But soon, I will!!! :D

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09:05 Sat 7/22/2006

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(Admit it, my cat is pretty cute!^^)--->


I found this web site wile I was serching for a pic of Simba with a heartless.(Thank
Epona, it was one of your pic that I found!)

So I subcribe to this site, first as a user, but then, when my scanner was arranged, I sing-up as an artist.

I LOOOOOOVE The Lion King movie!!! My favorite classique of disney are: The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

I'm always drawing Simba or one of my character's pic!!!

My favorite animal are dragons, lions's cubs and foxs.

(I live at, Laval and here we speak French, so I dont speak English well...But belive me,I'will do my best!)
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