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Hi everybody! Thank you for visiting this page, but unfortunately I do not upload here anymore. I tryed to logout, but somehow something doesn't allows me to do it.
Anyway, if you want to see my new works (I swear they are much better now:) - see my new page under "Salaia Sea" as artist name.

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HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm from Russian club we used to call "Aleans", so my signatures. And I know, that some of us are already in the archive. Or they are not?

Doesn't matter, were they here or not. There is no allince anymore: Alice moved out to another lands for studying. Liz is dead. And I'm the last. I had a long way before comeing here again, but the main thing is I'm back to my family clan (Sea). Don't be afraid of those words... still... magic is around of us.
I'm in Archive again but under the name Salaia Sea. By the way, you can find my sister here - her name is Eshlanda Sea.
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