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Welcome to my part of the archive. Can't tell you how pleased I am to be here. My art is far from on-topic, as I draw a lot of myself. *hits herself on the head with a frying pan* I'll try to do more lion king things. I'm proud to say I love my art and hope one day to be better than I am now. Art trade anyone? I'm busy with school and all, but I have enough time to spare. Drawing is supposed to be fun, not work. Happy looking around!

~***Holly Ann***~
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<center>Scenes Most Can Relate To
<font color=blue> You're at school, and its lunch. You decide to find a safe secret place to sketch some pictures. You creep under a shaded pine tree and sigh...heaven...just when you start to draw, someone peeps their head over your shoulder.

PERSON: "Wow!! That is SO Good!"
YOU: "Mmm..."
PERSON: "What are you DRAWING??"
YOU: *mumbling* "A furry."
PERSON: "What??"
YOU: *irritated* "A furry!"
PERSON: "Whats that?"
YOU: "An anthromorphic animal."
PERSON: "Huh?"
YOU: *forgets that people can be total idiots* "An animal...thats like a human."
PERSON: "Well, why can't you just draw a human?"
YOU: "I don't like people." hint hint *L*
PERSON: "Why not?"
YOU: *throws head back and sighs* "Because I DON'T!"
PERSON: "Jeez, you don't have to get so emotionel."
<font color=black> Heheh, thank you. I'm sure everyone can relate to this. Heres another scene...
<font color=blue>
MOM: "Honey, what are you doing?"
YOU: "Drawing..."
MOM: ~sighs~ "Shouldn't you be STUDYING? It's your last year of high school and I want you to do well.
YOU: Mmmhmmm...
MOM: "I mean...blahblahblahblahblah"
YOU: ~thinking~ Wonder whats for dinner. Hope we don't have that leftover chicken again. (pencil tip brakes in the middle of drawing a perfect line) OUTLOUD: "Damn!"
MOM: "Hey!"
YOU: "What?" ~confused~
MOM: "Watch your mouth."
YOU: ??????????
MOM: "Anyway, Lisa, you really should be cleaning your room."
YOU: "Uh?"
MOM: "You!"
YOU: ~thinking~ I'm not familiar with the term. Parents make up these weird things. OUTLOUD: "Um sure Mom, right away."
MOM: "Good.." ~leaves~
YOU: ~continues drawing~
<p><center><b>Art Trades/Request</b>
<li>Starlioness-still deciding
I know there are more I just forget who or will add them later. If I take awhile to add you please remind me. Thanks ;)
<font color=red>NOTE: I don't do this for a living. The more you nag for a request the more evil I become. Please understand that I have a life of my own and would rather draw for myself then for others. Please don't take this the wrong way, as I'd hate to cause tension between everyone here and myself.
<font color=navyblue>
<li>AirGuitar--very funny, friendly and talented. Go see here anthros, they're awesome!
<li>SaturnStarz--She's such a nice person! I love her cuddly pictures.
<li>Cally--Although she never really is here, I still think her art is very unique.
<li>Hibbary--art trade
<li>Dragon Race--thanks for that lovely picture! Thank you sooo much! You will get yours soon.
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<font size=5> UPDATE! Sorry for lack of uploads. I'm lazy. :(

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Welcome to my archive! I decided to join Fanart Lion King...a great site I can see. Very well done. Very cool. Lots of great artists. I already am making some great friends.
~***Holly Ann***~
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