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Welcome All! xD

Not too much to see here, but maybe it will change. I will do art trades, but not requests, and I do some gift art too. So if you are lucky you might get a present! ^^

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Hey everyone! It's great to be here. =P

Ok, a little about me. Well, My name is Holly, obviously. And I am 17 years old. I love to draw in my spare time, along with horse back riding, and working around horses. I am a country girl, and I like it that way! As for the things I draw, I mostly draw horses. But I also draw other animals such as well, anything I want. lol. I need to try drawing other animals more often so I can get them down. I love big cats as well, and also dogs and wolves, and like all animals. xD

Well, If I find anything else to talk about I will be sure to write it here. ^^
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