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02:26 Sat 2/27/2016
23:25 Wed 6/26/2013
02:06 Sun 2/10/2013
02:02 Sun 2/10/2013
02:26 Sun 5/27/2012
03:29 Thu 3/22/2012
18:32 Tue 2/28/2012
15:46 Sun 10/2/2011
14:39 Sat 9/17/2011

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Pictures 556
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Joined Mar 10, 2003
First Upload Oct 17, 2002
Latest Upload Feb 27, 2016
Age/Birthday Sep 20, 1988 (age 29)
Gender Female
Location AB, Canada
Occupation Illustrator, Self proclaimed Genius!
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Website http://www.tallycat.deviant...
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Just me :) nuthin much to say.

20:37 Sun 2/17/2013
aahh your art is awesome<3
love your drawing style! it's adorable :D

16:22 Sun 10/2/2011

11:40 Mon 9/6/2010
hey there it's me colby but u can call me...Colby or wicked anyways i was looking througth ur art and i loved and pardon my spelling, anyways faved u
cause u deserve it and i want to a art trade with u and maybe we could frineds anyways if u wanna do the art trade could u do


could u do them fighting or something thx

07:58 Sat 5/29/2010
Hullo =D Your newest fan here. I've just discovered you by looking up Josh Groban lionisations and have officially decided that you are awesome. LotR fan, Grobanite, PotO fan, PotC fan... yup, definately awesome!
Hopefully see you round sometime,
Chouca =)

22:49 Fri 5/28/2010
why havent i visited your page before? *hits self* your art is amazing and i have to fav you *faves*. You are one amazing artist and i hope to see more of your art soon.

21:15 Mon 2/1/2010
Malyss Nightshadow
O wow your art is awsome ^^)

12:54 Mon 9/14/2009
Heart of africa
You got Ayari or what ever you wonna call him xD

16:26 Sat 9/12/2009
You get brownie points for making him as a cubbie, and for keeping his markings as they are. And not turning things into bracelets. So Gowan is yours.

If you want me to draw anything else for you, or anything I'd be glad to.

11:29 Fri 9/11/2009
Hiya! U have some nice artwork here! *faves*

18:54 Tue 4/28/2009
Wow, you you have some pretty art here! Suprised I haven't run across you yet! Anyways, keep it up!

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