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<center><b> HI;<br>
</b>I'm Hitari.<br>
I haven't been able to do this kinda thing [web art] <br>steadily for a long period of time, <br>so I haven't quite gotten the hang of it. <br>So, bare with me and please be patient. x]
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Hi, my name is Devon and I was bour October 25th, 1994. I love cats and dogs and all animals of all kinds, and I've been drawing since I could hold a crayon[although at that point it was on walls, not paper]. I'm a recovering drug addict, been sober since January 2nd, 2009 and I love every minute of this new life. I have a thing for body modifications, especially that of felines, hence.. why I got into this kinda thing. =]

I have a few cats of my own that I LOVE to death, their names are Rafiki and Tequila- note, I chose NEITHER of their names, so, whatever confusion on that may be blamed NOT on me. =D And my puppy Leah[who I no longer have, but still love deeply], whom I will be designing a kind of hyena character for soon.
I always imagined her that way, anyway.

So, yeah, you can visit my myspace which is in the little "Site" erea, or just email me or whatever.
And, my AIM is pinkkxclover. =]
so, contact me however which way, and lets talk!

[I know I havent been too active lately, but I've been really busy with excessive moving, as well as other things.. and seeming to have misplaced my drawing tablet for the computer. o.0 As soon as another comes to hand soon, I will be active once again! and hopefully if my camera or scanner decides to work out of the blue, you'll have some sketches that way.
<33 ]]
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