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hello and welcome! ^^
if you want to see more of my art go here --> other wise enjoy my art and have a good day! ^^

REMEMBER! : He may have been hammered to a cross but He is tough as nails.

6/23 04
hello! ^^ im back, hmm, i see some more good artists comin' well, i had a lot of time in my hands the last 3 days so be expecting some arts!

about me:

Name: Hina Kitsucub
Real Name: if I dont know you, you dont know mah name!
Nick Names: Bo-Bo, squirt, pumpernickle, artsy fartsy, mama (Dont ask, my grama calls me mama...eep) .. you name it, I've been it.
Sex: *gives a plain look* excuse me...
Height: tall, if I do say so m'self ;)
Weight: just go to the next thing ok?
Age: This changes every year. It sucks.

Origin: I like muffins too
Race: ok, Ready, set GO!
Religion: Jesus loves me, yes I know... for the Bible tells me so :)
Blood type: Warm n' Fuzzy :)
Serial #: 5083805657
Serial Box: reeses pieces!
Serial Killer: Not me... *looks around nervously*

Location: I dont exhist, im just a dream of the aeons
Phone #: Nice try.
Credit Card #: Even nicer.
SS #: GAH! what is that? Kirsti? where are you?
Quirks: not enough room to state them all
Perks: perks? is that a coffee
Jerks: Too many to count.

Music: Contemporary Christian, occasional pop, rock...what ever interests me :P

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Joined Jun 19, 2004
First Upload Jun 19, 2004
Latest Upload Jul 21, 2005
Gender Female
Location Bahamas
Occupation Squirrel
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AIM hinaphox
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
ello poppit! good tah see you, enjoy my art. i hope you will ^_^
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