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Supness? I'm Hikachu, as you know.<br>
I'm really lazy. All I do is either use the internet, draw, watch TV, play video games, or lay out in the hammock listening to my Mp3 player all day. How lazy is that... ^^;<br><br>
Age: 14<br>
Location: Michigan (America)<br>
Grade: 10th<br>
Likes: Fullmetal Alchemist<br>
Dislikes: Art Theives, animal cruelty, rap, hip-hop, snotty preps<br>
Quote: There's nothing collecting up in my head but cobwebs and dustbunnies!<br>
What I Want To Do With My Pathetic Life: Go to an art college, study animation, move to California, work at Disney, and get my family and friends into Disneyland free!<br>
Favorite Movie: The Lion King, Cars, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, One Piece: Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island, Naruto: Clash of the Snow Village

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Graduating is a long way away...



I'm currently doing requests, trades, and collabs. So go ahead and ask! ^^ <br><br>

Just so you know, you can e-mail me for them also. Just name the subject "TLKFAA".

Gasps! Invisible links!<br>
No, really, they're there, just *eyes dart around room* <I>invisible</i>... >.> <.< <br><br>
My deviantArt account => <a href="">here</a><br>;
My Neopets account => <a href="">here</a><br>;
My Sheezyart accout => <a href="">here</a><br><br>;


Weeeeelllll... I haven't been here in a looooooong time. Sorry for that. I just keep forgetting to update... ^^;

But, that's besides the point.

I desperately needed to update this place. Sorry for no new art, I just haven't been quite in the feline-drawing mood is all. Yet again, sorry.

Signing out,

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Joined Feb 18, 2005
First Upload Feb 18, 2005
Latest Upload Dec 16, 2006
Gender Female
Location In my own little world... ^________^
Occupation Drawing and Writing Fantasy, Action/Adventure, Romance, and Humor Stories
IM Contact
AIM lilhamtarolover
Website http://www.pikachuparadise....
Accepting Requests or Commissions No
Name: Taylor
Age: 14
Dream Career: Animator
Current Obsessions: The Lion King, my boyfriend, Cars, tamagotchis
Nicknames: Tay Tay, Howie
Likes: my tablet, cartoons, internet, music, drawing, my boyfriend (Dan), e-mail chatting with my friends, movies, video games, writing stories, rock, country (the music) ,my friends, my family, God, French class, choir, Dan's poetry, my best friend's novels and series (still all WIPs)
Dislikes: rap, hip-hop, R & B, animal cruelty, essays, my diabetes, not being able to curl my tongue into a "u", politics, art thefts, hackers, dressing up, algebra, geometry
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