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<br><font size=1 font color=white> -Novapaws : Nova (Awaiting her half)

<br><br><font size=1 font color=white> To view the picture of Soraka that was done by Mirri, go here: <p> <font color=red font size=1>Hey, if you'd like to do an art trade with me, just email me at<u></u> </font>
<p><p> <font size="1" font color="red"> Thanks to the...</font><font color="white" font size="1"><b> 35</b></font><font size="1" font color="red"> people who have me as one of your favorite artists.

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Hey, muh sister is Simple_desires, and we are both fairly well at doing wolf drawings.. like she said, we are both learning on doing big cats. But hey, 'm a fast learner. ^_~
Art trades/Requests: Open!!

To request something email meh'! I'd gladly accept the offer.. but I only do -wolves, lions, horses, dogs- Maybe some other things, but it might not come out as good. ^_~
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