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13:09 Mon 6/10/2013
13:09 Mon 6/10/2013
12:11 Wed 6/5/2013
11:27 Sat 6/1/2013
12:49 Mon 4/1/2013
17:31 Thu 3/28/2013

Colored Line-Art:

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hey, its Ty1997 (Titanic) here XDD, created a new account because my old one was too...old-ish XDD so yeah cx

10:07 Tue 5/28/2013
Wolf 777
Hello HerpyDerpy Wolf 777 here :) Welcome back to the Archive :) you have great art keep it up, if you want pop over to my gallery and feel free to comment on my pics i would love to hear from you :) keep up the awesome artwork, I hope you all the best, from the Wolf with sunglasses ;)
-Wolf 777.

18:37 Wed 4/17/2013
Welcome!! your art looks really cool! and can see you will improve very soon if you keep at what your doing!! remember we love new comers so dont be afraid to ask questions! and also to keep on topic! if you need a friend check me out! always willing to help :)

19:28 Tue 4/2/2013
well welcome back i uses! i love your traditional art :D

00:01 Mon 4/1/2013
Didn't realize you've been here before xD Well welcome to your new account...? LOL

YAY traditional media! There's not enough of that around here x3

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