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Now I know why artist deletes its gallery... I will start it again later.
See you later! 16.07.2003

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Ok. Everything became too old. I'll remove this account till June 2003 and I'll make a new one. Thanks to everyone!
I think I need a new profile…
Well, I’m sitting on my 108 year old chair in front of my small 15 inche monitor and hearing the noise of a 32Kbit modem. I’ve been trying to connect to the provider for fifty minutes but there is something wrong with it today.
So, I have some time to tell you some words about myself.
When I was seven (1990) I thought I would be an electronic engineer, because my grandfather was working at a factory as chief of the engineer department. I was interested in radio and electronic technologies and it was really interesting for me. But in 1992 I got a Z-80 (Spectrum) compatible computer (Pentagon 128K with a floppy, sound coprocessor, mouse, modem, printer and 14-inche monitor). It was a really cool machine, aha… For some time I was sure I would be a programmer. Many good quality and small size demos (short programs that demonstrate you some nice visual and sound effects), made me take up maths. Now I’m the student in Moscow Technology University “STANKIN” and I’m going to be a programmer in the field of “Applied Maths”. There is one interesting course that called “3D animation and modeling” and I think it is mine.

A few words about my drawing.
Many people say “I have no talent, so I can’t draw”. But it is wrong! Can you write excellent poetry? Did you say “No I can’t”? Then tell me the following thing: “Can you write the words and make the sentences to show what are you thinking?” I guess you can.
You see, drawing is similar to writing a composition: the rules are pretty much the same but images are used instead of sentences.
There are some rules of building sentences, and similarly images are built according to rules. There are many languages with different words and sentences constructions and there are many styles with different rules. It does not mean you must draw only by rules (in everyday speech you may ignore some rules and people will understand you), but you should keep them in mind because a picture that has been drawn without rules will look like a sentence without word order. So you can consider picture as a composition and every object in it as a sentence that makes sense. (It doesn’t mean you can convert an object into a sentence. It only means you can work with your object as you work with your sentence putting it into some place of your composition.)
Wow! I’ve connected! I’ll continue this next time ;)

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