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Hi guys! :D
I'm Eva... 17... from Germany... and I'm a ScarxZira-Fan... Don't know why, but I just LOVE evil courples! ^^ Yeah...

Otherwise ... Although I LOVE Zira, I HATE TLK2 O____O Really: A terrible movie, a terrible Simba, a terrible Nala, a terrible Kiara and the most terrible, male hero on the planet! -.- Oh GOD!!!! THIS MOVIE SUCKS SO MUCH! WHY Disney, WHY?!?! -.-

Aaaand... hm... I fucking love history, hate maths and only beacuse I'm from germany (whos says, that I'm full-german? O.o (Yeah, I'm half-croatian)), it does NOT means, that every german is automatically a Nazi (Apart from that, "Addi" was from austria -.-).

In my freetime I love it to write Fanfics, draw, watch SPONGEBOB (Yeah, Patrick FTW!) and of course my rabbit! ^^ ♥

Oh, by the way: I have 3 rabbits (Sammy, Tinky and Penny) and a stupid, little brother... And that's... all ;D

Se ya guys! ♥

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