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Hello^^ Thanks fer visiting my archive, I hope you like the stuff thats in here^^ uhm, I'm sorry there isnt much up yet; I'm only just starting to get somewhat good at lions, so I havent really been posting; I'm still practicing.but just wait! someday I'll get some crud in here.

6 people put me as their fave artist^^

Oh, and no stealing my stuff, or I'll have to hurt you.(btw, I changed my name, I used to be umi-chan, so dont go thinking I stole her work^^)see ya^^

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18:56 Wed 10/2/2002

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Hello, and thanks fer visiting^^ Let me just sum it up like this;

Likes: lions, anime, manga,(and drawing all three of those) the final fantasy series, Dance Dance revolutiong, swimming, singing, acting, and food.
Dislikes: Preps, cheerleaders (for the most part; there a few nice ones out there) Broken pencils, Math.
I Glomp: Legolas/Orlando bloom! my preciousssssss,,,,

thats about it. bye^^
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