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Adopt me please!

Owner: Hawaii

I fell in love with the lineart and as playing with colors in paint, and this came out.

If you want him/her please draw him/her first.

Lineart (c) Quill

(Adopted from Silver_Tears)

Another Duck!

Owner: Hawaii

A cool lookin' duck. Drawing not required but might help =]

(Adopted from Manic)

Cub 2

Owner: Hawaii

For adoption. <3 Please give her a name!

Also, draw her and send her to my art trades. =3

Lineart (c) maquenda!

(Adopted from Tigger)

Cub Design

Owner: Hawaii

This started off as a new char for me, but I've changed his design so much, he doesn't look like this at all. So, here's your chance to get his old design. All you have to do is draw a quick sketch and send it to my art trades, nothing big. ^^

(Adopted from ~Fireheart~)


Owner: Hawaii

These guys are up for grabs. Ask for one, or many. Please specify which one you want, draw first and send picture to me.

Linearts (c) Gothic 180

(Adopted from NSK_Neko)

lineart by icefox

Owner: Hawaii

a random Zebra with very werid markings it is off topic but one of you might like him draw him first and send me the picture!!!!

(Adopted from IceFire Lioness)
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