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Black Ice

Owner: Harumi-chan

Dark Leopard

Very sneaky and mischievous. She's not afraid to "color outside the lines." Tends to have her "evil" side most of the times. Gets mad very easily. Is also very smart.


Owner: Harumi-chan

Tiger/Snow Leopard Mix

Harumi a.k.a. me! She's a Tiger/Snow Leopard mix.


Owner: Harumi-chan

Snow Leopard

A very fun-loving, sweet, caring little Leopard. Loves to play alot. She loves running around in her artic home.


Owner: Harumi-chan

Black and White Cat

This is my sweet little kitty Oreo! I don't really have a cat in real life but it's so much fun drawing this li'l guy! He's curious, loves adventures and sometimes is troublemaker. But he's the nicest kitty you'll ever meet!
(I wrote the wrong Kanji -_-;)


Owner: Harumi-chan

Black Panther

Usiku is my most favorite char! Usiku is an adolscent black panther that loves to spar as much as he likes lying around his forest home. He loves making up trouble and has his "evil" side to him. His name means "Night" in Swahili.
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