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I've just started on the whole fanart thingy (well, Lion King wise. My original fanartdom remains Buffy the Vampire Slayer) so this page is pretty scanty as of yet. But I anticipate things! Big things! Woo! My two big goals: Clean up my tangly mess of lines (I tend to treat drawing like carving, which just leads to messiness), and color stuff.

Also- infinite thanks to the wonderful people in this archive who promote the incredible fan spirit and unity that I've seen. Awww. You guys are the greatest.

Update: I've not been working on TLK art as of late, but this is changing very rapidly. I sadly had to drop out of college due to a very broken heel and subsequent surgery. On the upside, this has left me a lot of time to develop my art, and I've gotten a tablet!

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I've loved The Lion King for ages (and in fact some truly embarassing home movies exist that involve me dancing around while enthusiastically singing Lion King songs), and I stumbled onto this page while meandering around the 'net, and I was inspired to do some illustrations of my own. My favourite character: Scar. I can't help it, I like the evil. I'm also a girl, and currently have the broken foot of evil.
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