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Owner: Hark


Amberlynne the Ligress, a character I originally adopted at the trading tree. She's a kind and caring mother figure, a den mother so to speak. Her dirtied blood, tainted by tiger, causes her to be outcasted from the hunt, but it results in the cubs landing in good paws. Considering she is a Liger, her size is massive and still growing, leaving her bigger than any lion. She is a warrior, but her sweet dispossition leads her to battle only in the childrens' names.

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Owner: Hark

African Lion

Named for the infamous funeral flower, Crysanthmum is nothing more than a tomboy at heart. Her father, castrated shortly after her conception, died of natural causes before her eyes were open, and thus she never met him. Named for both of their father's is Drill, her half brotherly she has lovingly dubbed "Drillby" (And he calls her Eumy, d'awww.)


Owner: Hark

Anthro Striped Hyena

Jawbreaker, the anthro Striped Hyena. She's a medicinal high priestess, AKA just a psychically gifted healer. She's a real nutjob, with a perky and peculiar personality. She carries around a staff, topped with a golden ring and a hollowed out baboon husk. She uses the baboon as a manifestation bag, meaning she can pull just about anything she wants from the bag, as long as she knows where it exists. Since most people don't appreciate herbal healings anymore, she had to do some entertainment to keep food in her belly. Physically she is not powerful, and the extent of her magic covers just her bag and her healing, so other than a smack to the face with her staff she can't do much damage. Because of her lack of power, she trains herself in speed, and can outwit a striking viper with ease. Her balance is impecable thanks to her performing side. Speed + balance > muscle in her opinion.


Owner: Hark


Sabertooth the Smilidon. An aggressive, roudy, and rather bulky fellow with a peculiar russian accent. He tends to be really antisocial, but he really does like the ladies....even if he thinks they're not worthy.


Owner: Hark

African Lion

Sariki, once a cold, cool, and deductive being, has now melted in to the sweetheart he is today. Having originally lived in the better part of Tanzania, he was chased from his home by a series of devastating brush fires, forcing him to move on or die. He now lives the life of a rogue, though he usually treats anyone he meets as a pride member.

ICly Sariki currently has three children on the way, two girls and a boy, mothered by the white lioness Kay. Family pictures may appear, but please note I only own Sari...the rest of his family members are owned by other roleplayers.


Owner: Hark


Speck, a peculiarly marked leopon. He's a rascal, and incapable of real speech, just a wide range of sounds, mostly consisting of squeaks and clicks. Why he speaks this way is unknown, but most think he's just a "little bit different."

(Adopted from Splodge)
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