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Hay My name is HappyLionHorse, But please call me Happy! I love to talk and joke around! I am really a nice person but if you do anything to make me mad (Steal Art, Call me names, Say my art is bad) I will NOT hold back! I curtly am in the 7th grade, I am home schooled and loving it (No stupid drama! YAY!), I Live in North Carolina, I go to Arron Lake Babiest Church (Or ALBC) I am a believer,. I do not push my belief in others faces please do not push your belief in my face because I will not listen to you I know where I stand and I am standing firm on my faith!

About my art
I am a young artist and not very good, I am trying to become a better artist, I love drawing animals and that is about all I draw. I am not good at humans, plans, ect. When I draw I put a lot of effort in to most of my drawings I don't believe in making fun of others art because I was once that bad too (AND ITS MEAN TO MAKE FUN OF OTHERS) I will always lend a helping hand when it comes to drawing.

John 3:16 says,
For GOD so love the world he gave his ONLY son. The who ever believes in him shall not parish but have ever lasting life.

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You can't use my work!
Everything is copyrighted. According to page 107 of the copyright in the Code.

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Joined Oct 21, 2010
First Upload Jun 24, 2011
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Age/Birthday Nov 4, 1998
Gender Female
Location NC
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Check me out on my DA account for a better look at my pictures and whats going on!

My DeviantArt account -->

I want to thank all my fans for the support.
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