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Hello there. :D
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Hello there :D

I'm a 14 year old kid who's loving every moment of life. Seriously, you should be too^^
Basically, I've grown up with the Disney movie we all know and love--do I even need to say it? The Lion King.

Don't ask me how, but one day I found this place and completely fell in love with it. A few months later, sketch after sketch, I decided that I was going to be brave and join the archive. I've never looked back, and never had a single regret.

Anyways, as for me:

-For most of my pictures, I use pencil, paper, and a scanner. Then I use GIMP, yes GIMP, not Photoshop, to color and shade my images.
-I have one adorable, 17-year old, spoiled house cat.
-I love the colors blue and silver :D Can you tell?
-Japanese anime is awesome, especially Naruto and Pokemon. (I have Platinum, let me know if you want a wifi battle)
-I am a very calm person, and it takes a LOT to get me mad. However, it takes a lot less to get me annoyed.
-My friends think I'm smarter than them
-I have no nicknames..Don't even try to give me one.
-I'll add more stuff later.

Anyways, please check out my gallery!


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