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Hadharani AKA Merrypaws

Ummm... not sure what to say...
I'm Hadharani, the dark-eared, white-tailed finnish lioness. Those of you who have been around the TLK fan art message board might know me as 'Coyote in disguise'. (Believe me, some things are better left unexplained...)
I don't do that much TLK art, but I'm hoping to scrape together at least enough to make this gallery semi-decent.
Please note the even tho my reguest and comission status says "Okie dokie." it doesn't mean I will accept ALL reguests, but if I like the character or the idea seems interesting, I will try my paw at it.

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Joined Apr 10, 2003
First Upload Apr 10, 2003
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Gender Female
Location Finland
Occupation student
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Accepting Requests or Commissions No
Human: overweight, wears glasses, blonde.
Lion: Medium brown, dark ears, white tail tuft, purple eyes.
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