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<center>Well, it's happened, I'm afraid. I am pretty much inactive here now due to off-topicness. So I am now uploading on my dA account which is more convenient to me too. I will still upload any on-topic, but it will be seldom. I also still respond to any comments though too.

My sincerest apologies to anyone whom I was going to do requests or trades for. I can't remember them for the life of me. So sorry.

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I'm in-active here. <sup>hopefully just for now.</sup> I never thought that would happen.

I'm still active on my DeviantArt: Griff-Kendu.
The main reason fo r my leaving is that DA's layout is much easier to manage, and I've dabbled in new fandoms, namely Good Omens and Discworld, so I'm mainly on human stuff now.
I'm hoping to return here though, sometime...

A sure-fire way to contact me is through dA. But comments here work too, and my e-mail's also below.

<b>I still love this site and will always remember it. It was my beginning.

And I swear I'll be back.</b>

Y'all can use my pics too, (like that'll ever happen) just ask me first and give appropriate credit. That's all we ever ask for as artists; respect and credit.
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