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</a><b>Hyenas are awesome. Aardwolves rule! ~(OwO)~<3</b>

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about my species: I am a Grammar Hyena (Proteles cristatus grammaticus). We are a small race (only a few of us exist in the wild), but we are strong. Anything and everything you type, write, or say is subject to judgment and criticism, but I won't shove it in your face. I always try to behave in a tactful, tasteful manner and do not give in easily to taunting, trolling, or fighting; however, I am like a bulldog with something locked in my jaws when it comes to an intellectual debate. It is difficult to make me angry but easy to make me cry, so please... be careful with me. Once I love, I never stop loving; the Grammar Hyena is a mate for life. ~<3

about UALH: Led by matriarch Rainshine and kaiser Jedi, the Universal Alliance of Lions and Hyenas is an organization of furries, therians, and otherkin who identify themselves as any species of hyena, big-cat, or fantasy/hybrid breed resembling one of these species, who believe in a philosophy of peace, love, and tolerance. Joining this group is not like just joining a fan club or a common interest organization. The UALH "plan" (pride/clan) is a family and should not be entered into carelessly.

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