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Hi guys its Gracelessangel
:D THANKYOU TO MY 36 fans <--- old
trades open, current trades/gifts:

Updated: 2017-10-13 08:01:10.0
2017-10-13 07:59:53.0
Characters and fursona
My beautiful character Marshmallow that galacticvegetable designed.
My first post here in a while so I decided on a full body image off him in all his shiny glory :)
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2017-10-12 10:31:45.0
Quick canon sketch of simba in a more Disney style than mine :)
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2017-04-13 07:52:42.0
Another adoptable that galacticvegetable has on the TT.
I'd love to adopt him and name his pumpking, he has a plushie toy he like to carry about called vooboo, at night his eyes and markings glow, despite appearance he's not scary but very gentle and loving.
Hope you like this veggie! :)
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2017-04-07 18:46:48.0
Just the head because I had revision, but I will be finishing this!
An adoptable galacticvegetable has up on the TT he's just so magical and majestic, I'd call him marshy short for marshmallow and he'd be a Mage or a form of conjurer (:
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2017-03-30 18:47:04.0
Trades requests and gifts
Another headshot gift! This one is for a newer member of the archive, Doodle_Kitty, I really loved her fursona design and how she draws cannon characters :)
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2017-03-22 13:25:02.0
Trades requests and gifts
A gift for sun-rei since I've not done one for a few weeks!
A headshot of your beautiful fursona for you for all your nice comments and for all the positivity and niceness you spread :) hope you like it!
Ps. I loved drawing her hair!!
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2017-03-20 16:52:42.0
I'd of loved to have seen mheetu in the tlk movie, I personally think when scar took over the pride sarafina would have forced him to run away, knowing scar would probably hurt or kill him. Would have been really interesting to see him cross paths with timone and pumba on his journies or even return to the pride later on.
Anyway sketch and colour wip :)
1800 x 1350
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2017-03-18 13:49:22.0
*For the great kings contest*
The day taka became scar was also the day he lost his mother.
"He hates me, they both do, nobody understands me like you do momma, why can't I be like my father and brother, I'm so alone now"
"My son you may never be a king but you'll always be loved by me, I'm so proud of you taka, don't ever feel like this was your fault, you're my brave angel".
"If I hadn't made him mad you'd still be here with me, I deserve more than this scar, I just want you back"
"It was an accident it all was, this is neither yours or your fathers fault, I have to go my son, remember I'll always be here to guide you, just look to the stars and you'll find me".
"Please don't leave me"
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2017-03-17 15:44:52.0
Wip of my personal design for uru not drawn her in ages, it's going to be an entry for the contest when finished and everything c:
Also thank you so much to the 3 new fans I have <3 <3
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2017-03-13 09:34:21.0
My design for Kopa and Vitanin's Daughter, her name is Shauku which means passion.
I had the idea of after TLK2 kiara and kovu have two cubs, simba is plagued with worry that one day the cubs will fight for the throne and the pride will once again collapse the way it did with his farther and Scar. Eventually Kopa returns and fathers a cub with vitani, as they only have the one, Simba, Kopa and Kovu agree that after the pass of the three of them Shauka will take the throne.
(Thinking about making a comic based on this)
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2017-03-10 11:41:08.0
Trades requests and gifts
My part of a headshot trade with BBM :) it's their character Oliver! He's adorable and was great fun to draw
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2017-03-01 15:38:23.0
My part in galacticvegetables spring collab c:
Here's minty with his favourite Easter items, chicks and candy ;) sorry I couldn't make it transparent veggie, my iPad app sucks (? •?_•?)?
Also gave minty a final design, he's a snow leopard now..
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2017-02-25 17:10:55.0
Characters and fursona
Had enough of injections and wearing portable drips, got so many chest bruises and finger tips bruises, it gets really annoying trying to manage two chronic illnesses and mental health issues, Dorian pretty much represents how I feel right now.
Sorry for the vent >_<
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2017-02-25 14:57:35.0
Trades requests and gifts
My half of a trade with sukala A.P it's her fursona, I felt like drawing her with bananas after seeing a few pictures of her with them :)
I've done 5 pieces of gift art this week and I have a few more planned, I just need to try and get past my Diabetes being a jerk anyway... enjoy Sukala!
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2017-02-25 10:08:15.0
Characters and fursona
Tried at a different species c: so I made an African dog OC her name is as Asalimayo, it means honey heart in Swahili :) I'm really happy with how it turned out as Well!
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2017-02-24 18:07:14.0
Trades requests and gifts
Yay another gift, this one is for Aslana, she's always so nice to everybody in the archive and one of the main people keeping this place alive, her art is also really adorable :)
I've drew your fursona for you, I realised the gap in the background after I'd flattered the layers -.-' but I'm happy with the rain :) anyway thanks for being awesome friend <3
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2017-02-23 17:53:52.0
I've been here for 9 years?!?! Here's a little timeleine of hellfires!!
I can't believe how much I've improved over the years, dayum!!
Happy graceless <3
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2017-02-23 10:16:18.0
Trades requests and gifts
Another gift! This one is of galaxy for galaxy for galactic vegetable, I drew him laughing at veggies!! I really love his design,
Anyway enjoy c:
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2017-02-23 08:54:33.0
Trades requests and gifts
Another gift!! Another one of many really, anyway this one is for wolf777 a cubby Orion headshot for you :)
I'll be giving gift to lots of amazing archive members who make this place so happy and friendly
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2017-02-22 19:23:11.0
Characters and fursona
Warning! Laziness ensured.. so my fiancé wanted a fursona and I couldn't be bothered drawing him a full thing so I added to my icon base and made him a chibi Mage lion, his names Lucius and he has a Zelda tattoo and a cape c:
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2017-02-22 18:46:38.0
Characters and fursona
101 pictures! So here's my fursona celebrating :D
Been enjoying getting practice on sketchbook pro, might get a stylus been doing everything with my fingers, anyway yaaaay 101 thank you everybody for the trades and comments and niceness on the archive :)
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