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~News update 27/6/13~
Hello all, I just want to let my fans and anyone who looks at my gallery know that I will not be uploading for awhile. The reason is because I am moving in 23 days and 4 of those days I will be on a missions trip, 1 of this days I will be celebrating my 16th birthday, and my room is no where near being all packed up. I also have to buy a new tablet before I can upload more. So if I have an art trade with you, I'm really sorry but as soon as I am able to upload more they will be my first uploads. Have a nice summer!

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Hello, I'm just your average teenager, but I love to draw, and I have always loved watching The Lion king. I hope you like my artwork! I like getting pointers and constructive criticism so if you have any ideas how I can do better, please share them :)
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