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Hello... look at my stuff... comment.. or if you want to help me out... critizise it! Go on! You KNOW you want to! Go ahead and nock your socks off! Really! I am serious! Now pweeze... look at my cubols... in Alatism charaters... and help me name them! Thanks!

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Surprise for Mystery! (Done! look in Trades and Requests for it to come up!)

Sthuff peoples owe me:

I am a proud Sponcer and Member of the PWL club, the PWTTSAD club, and the PWLS club! yay. (People Without Lives, People Who Think They Suck At Drawing, and People Who Love Science, I hope this clears things up ^^)

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I love horses... as well as all animals. I got into drawing lions when i went to the Furry Forum... but thats besides the point... i started puting my book charaters in the sivvana... and here I am today! Cute fuzzy filly! <-
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