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Update 1-14-04:
Tomorrow is my fake B-Day! Going to the mall! Sweet sixteen, yay for me! My real B-Day is on the 19th but i wanted to go out with friends ^.^ Should be fun!

<BLOCKQUOTE>Thanks To all for the wonderful comments! And for the 28 Artists who added me to their Faves-lists.

If your ever in the mood for a good flick watch Resident Evil Apocalypes! Im a big fan, and i hope to add some TLK crossover pix from the movies/games!

Shila~~~~~ Not Started/pic of shila
Kiwavi~~~~ Not started/pic of Fizzy

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im not new to this site. my old user name is Kep for those of you who didnt know me then. i lost the internet in June and just till now got it back. yay! anyway, i love TLK, and good movies in general. im a movie fanatic, what can i say...
my art consists of mainly fanart from movies, rarely i will create something different and not movie like. the horses featured are those of my herd that live among lions. Zeke has been my oldest char yet, he's been in my mind for over three years now and is seen in my older work. he has had a ex. make-over, lol. color change and a few other small changes have been made also to him.

so to make things short,

im happy to be back on TLKFAA, and i hope to see all my old pals (Ramala i missed yea buddy! and all my other good friends too of course!)
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