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Hm.. well, I've always liked to doodle, but I'm no art genius. I'll probably only add new pictures every once in a while, I dont get inspiration to draw anything on the computer all that much. I prefer drawing with pencil, and I love pastels to use as a medium. They're so much nicer then crayons, not so waxy, and blend so much nicer.

Once I get off my lazy bum and get a job, I'm saving for a scanner so I can computerize some drawings! Yay! Good thing they're not too expensive, eh?

Hm.. so about me....

Well. I'm really lazy, I dont do much at all. I'm not in school anymore, and have no idea yet of college wise (though I did get offered a full scholarship for graphic design, but stupidly turned it down.) (I'm going to be smacking myself for that forever, but eh.)

I really want to be a zookeeper O_O Shhhh. But that's a secret. :)

I've had some experience with real lions/tigers/wolves, I voulenteer at a zoo outside my town, and though the lions/tigers are obviously not that tame, I have romped with the two wolves a bit, who are really like overexcited, untrained dogs.

Dingos are cute too!
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