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Hey y'all, how's it going? I'm good, thanks for asking. I've been in a drawing mood lately, and since I've got a new fursona, it's been, like, "must. draw. shalom." Though, with Frosty, I'm still just Cilas Xp.

<A HREF=""; target="_new"><IMG SRC=""; border="0" alt="Gaia Online anime roleplaying community"></A> <-- If you join, Gnatty-Bug refered you!!

I'd like to thank the grand total of <b>15</b> people have me on their fav artist list!

Current art trades:
Wolfcub, i'm back into drawing, so I might actually do it X.X
Aditi, I'll do something for ya... Probably Tyrr.

My Fav artist:
<a href=>Dimruthien (Mah Frosty-Wosty)</a>
<a href=>; Sure, y'all already know Balaa, best artist in the archive</a>
<a href=>; AzianWolfDoll just has such great art...</a>
<a href=>; And of course, Raevin, mah buddy</a>

The Icons up there, with the kitty, and the demon duck, and the last one, that I'm using for buttons are from <a>here, El Goonish Shive</a>. Tis a nifty webcomic, and Dan rocks my socks. So check it out. ((GRACE KICKS BUTT!!))

Woo for Jack/Daniel slash!! *Totally stargate obsessed*

What for a closing note... Ah, George Carlin
"If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten."</center>

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Hey y'all!! I be Gnat!! W007!! I'm 22, and I live in *gag* Houston, but that's okay, cuz it's only 6 hours from New Orleans!
**Note to self: get new profile pic...
My hobbies include drawing (duh), singing, acting, singing, reading, ROTC, avoiding homework, gaia online, and coloring beta.
Fav Movies: Lion King (no, really?), American History X, Stargate (LOVE the show too XP), Donnie Darko (28 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 42 seconds, that is when the world will end), The Secretary, and pretty much anything scifi
I'll stop rambling... I'm nice!! I'M me!! *point to screen name* ^.^
OH! I'm known on Gaia under the title of Lt Gnatty-Bug (Will draw/color for gold :D)
Be warned: if I was a better artist you would see obscene amounts of Jack/Daniel slash fanart (They're sooo doing it!)... Sssooo bloody obsessed with Stargate *pets her DVD's, her board game, her original movies (dvd and vhs), her wallpapers, the fanfic she's read...)
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