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Hey y'all, how's it going? I'm good, thanks for asking. I've been in a drawing mood lately, and since I've got a new fursona, it's been, like, "must. draw. shalom." Though, with Frosty, I'm still just Cilas Xp.

<A HREF=""; target="_new"><IMG SRC=""; border="0" alt="Gaia Online anime roleplaying community"></A> <-- If you join, Gnatty-Bug refered you!!

I'd like to thank the grand total of <b>15</b> people have me on their fav artist list!

Current art trades:
Wolfcub, i'm back into drawing, so I might actually do it X.X
Aditi, I'll do something for ya... Probably Tyrr.

My Fav artist:
<a href=>Dimruthien (Mah Frosty-Wosty)</a>
<a href=>; Sure, y'all already know Balaa, best artist in the archive</a>
<a href=>; AzianWolfDoll just has such great art...</a>
<a href=>; And of course, Raevin, mah buddy</a>

The Icons up there, with the kitty, and the demon duck, and the last one, that I'm using for buttons are from <a>here, El Goonish Shive</a>. Tis a nifty webcomic, and Dan rocks my socks. So check it out. ((GRACE KICKS BUTT!!))

Woo for Jack/Daniel slash!! *Totally stargate obsessed*

What for a closing note... Ah, George Carlin
"If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten."</center>

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Hey y'all!! I be Gnat!! W007!! I'm 22, and I live in *gag* Houston, but that's okay, cuz it's only 6 hours from New Orleans!
**Note to self: get new profile pic...
My hobbies include drawing (duh), singing, acting, singing, reading, ROTC, avoiding homework, gaia online, and coloring beta.
Fav Movies: Lion King (no, really?), American History X, Stargate (LOVE the show too XP), Donnie Darko (28 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 42 seconds, that is when the world will end), The Secretary, and pretty much anything scifi
I'll stop rambling... I'm nice!! I'M me!! *point to screen name* ^.^
OH! I'm known on Gaia under the title of Lt Gnatty-Bug (Will draw/color for gold :D)
Be warned: if I was a better artist you would see obscene amounts of Jack/Daniel slash fanart (They're sooo doing it!)... Sssooo bloody obsessed with Stargate *pets her DVD's, her board game, her original movies (dvd and vhs), her wallpapers, the fanfic she's read...)

17:20 Thu 7/20/2006
Great art!!

maybe you could drop by my page leave me a comment sometime..^_^

09:00 Tue 6/28/2005
hiya. o i c you are on gaia. if you ever wanna chat to me there u can PM me. my gaian name is Edwardess. so you have some nice art work, and i saw a 'flowers for algernon' reference at Amase's art site. i wanted to tell you that flowers for algernon is like the best book ever. but you knew that already, huh!
alright. just sayin hi and keep up with that drawing!

16:26 Mon 6/13/2005
Do u like thylacines? I love them!!
I know evetything about them!

17:50 Fri 3/11/2005
GREETINGS FELLOW STARGATE OBSSESOR! hehe! your work is amazing! love it! keep it up!

goa'uld system lord Ra!


17:20 Thu 11/4/2004
Aqua/Sequoia Lioness
Hi there! You have lovely art. Keep it up!

15:27 Thu 10/28/2004
<font color=green>hey, Gnat! it seems that you're getting better and better everytime you upload! Keep up the great work! :)


21:01 Fri 10/22/2004


08:48 Thu 8/19/2004
ur sketches r brill....WOW! i love ur art!... keep it up!
Newayz...... maybe u cud visit mi gallery sumtime?


00:57 Tue 8/17/2004
Hi Gnat!
I like your pics very much, it`s great! You have wonderful style of drawing, it`s wonderful.
Great work, well done! Keep it up.=))
Maybe we can do art trade?

11:52 Thu 8/12/2004
Greetings fellow Stargate fan!!! Thanks for the comment :) Sam/Jack ship? It's alright but I'm more of a Sam/Janet/Jonas shipper myself (and I have it all figured out in my head how that works teehee!). ANYHOO. If you're ever up for a trade or something, let me know! :)

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