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Owner: Glasswhistle

Brown Hyena

My old fursona.

A brown hyena who somehow made her home in the desert.

Typically laid-back, but capable of being serious.

Acid was actually born a couple thousand years ago in ancient Egyptian times, when she was mummified and put in a tomb. She got bored and woke up in modern times, so technically she's a zombie. But don't bring it up with her.

Personal Quote: Huh? Did someone say something?


Owner: Glasswhistle


A slightly mysterious okapi. She bounds around from place to place, although never staying still for too long. She sometimes gives advice to other animals.


Owner: Glasswhistle

Sun Sprite (lion form)

A desert-dwelling Sun Sprite who has taken the form of a lion. He casts spells and fights darkness and dances around at the summer solstice, you know, all that fun sprite stuff. Technically not mortal, the only thing that can kill him is utter cave darkness.

Personal Quote: WHEEEEEEE!

(Adopted from Navira)


Owner: Glasswhistle

Bearded Barbet

Io is a Bearded Barbet. Every night he flies to the top of the tallest tree he can find and tries to reach Jupiter with his stick. He never goes anywhere without it.


Owner: Glasswhistle


A fluffy-eared lioness. As a cub, her main shapes are circles, but she has that "drastic appearance change at adulthood" gene, so she is comprised mostly of triangles as an adult.

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Owner: Glasswhistle


Kilpatrick (full name: Patrick Kilpatrick) is a mild-mannered lion whose luck seems to have run out. A bucket of bleach fell on his back in his teenage years, giving him his trademark back markings. He's usually found moping around the African plains

Personal Quote: Why me, why always me?


Owner: Glasswhistle


Liftan is an angry Gemsbok, but he's still quite fun. He somehow manages to find fault with everyone and everything, and rants and lectures at everyone who comes near.

Personal quote: "Herbivores rule!"


Owner: Glasswhistle


Physical Description:

Moe is rather tall for a Wildebeest. His horns are horizontal and straight for half their length. His "hair" is in a part down the middle, with lighter hair towards the center of the part. His back end is lighter than his front. The demarcation of these sections is a set of vertical stripes decreasing in length on a diagonal as it approaches the opposite side. He has a lyre shaped marking on his face going from his brow down the bridge of his nose to his cheeks and then his mouth.

Status: Adopted by Acid

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Owner: Glasswhistle


Neemah comes off as a rather blase cheetah, but that's just because she doesn't usually pay attention to what is going on around her.

(Adopted from Fluffybunny)
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Owner: Glasswhistle


I know he's sparkly, but give him a break, he's trying his best.

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Owner: Glasswhistle

Thompson's Gazelle

My fursona!
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