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I see ya found my gallery! Well yer sure to enjoy, I hope. Name's Gin Ichimaru, pleasure to meet ya. Don't be takin' too long for yer stop here-- my art's not too great by comparison.
... And if ya call me Foxface, I'll kill ya. No pressure!

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April 4, 2010
April 3, 2010
April 3, 2010

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RP account for Bleach character: Gin Ichimaru
I'm Lanya Kusher, fourteen, Michigan!

My best friends on this site(Real life!):

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lol, I taught all o' my friends to draw =D
btw, when I'm talking like Gin, I talk like this:
You = Ya
Your/You're = Yer
Anything that ends with "ing" will end with "in'"

... YES xD

April 10, 2010
hi, you wanted a banner from me on the TT you said you wanted words on it but do you want a picture or not? i'll make you one but i need to know if you want a picture or just letters and hearts ^^

April 6, 2010
Hey, Gin, what's up? That random Shinji soul reaper is so gonna tick me off... and you're gay? Omfg.

[That was so not Luppi's personality... oh well xD Love ya, Lanya! <3]

EDIT: [I DO NOT!!! Shut the hell up >//> (okay, maybe a little, but seriously!! That's the last time I tell you anything DX]

Oh, you're not gay, then? Hm. Bi. Nice... I guess. Lookie who wants lord Aizen ;D

EDIT2: [@Zach: Umm, a little bit, but not like "OMFG UR SOOOOOO FUCKING SEXY OMG WILL YOU MARRY ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?!" type like. Just a little six-year-old crush lmao xD Hope you're not mad 3=]

Ha, you know you do want Lord Aizen! It's so obvious... maybe you two had a little bit of fun as your time as captain and lieutenant, if you know what I mean! ;D No offense, Lord Aizen.

EDIT4: [ lmao, that's me and you, Lanya! XD]
Oh, but aren't you a slut, Gin-san? Ha, I bet you have erotic dreams about him every night~

April 6, 2010
[-reads Elizabeth's comment- xD]

Hm, Gin Ichimaru, what a... lovely... compliment. It's very odd that you say that. I'm sort of hoping you don't mean it. No offence, Gin.

[lmao, NO YAOI 4 U]

EDIT: [Holy fuck, David, you like me?! o.e >.>" Uhh...]

I see, Gin. Well, try not to get too hyped up ('cause I'm so sexy ;D) about this. All of you, return to your quarters.

April 6, 2010
Happy Mushroom
hello my littel ball bags ;) miss me? any way im off 2 bed now i dunno what time it is wherever you are but its nearly 5 hear so ill be back on 2moz vuz my life is that boreing XD

edit2: *sing* and they call it puppy love XD

April 6, 2010
Damn, Gin, you're gay? Good for you.
[lmfao, I love you, Lanya xD Your yaoi-fan-ness makes me laugh so hard XD]

April 5, 2010
Hey, cutie ;D How're things goin' with Luppi? I know you want him! I know he wants you! I know you want hiiim, I know he wants you!

It's alright to be gay, Gin-teme. Just don't get too over-confident about it; you'll never get any farther than making out with Luppi-kun if you do!


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