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10/24/05- Whoooaaaa, 'lo again. I've changed my name and decided to start using the site again! Yay! I haven't been her in like forever and I feel super bad. The fact of the matter is all of the stuff I was making was bad, and then I got in an anime mood and then things just went where they went. But said mood is now over! And I've gotten Open Canvas, so maybe now I can make some really awesome TLK art. Later y'all.
3/12/06- *sobs* I've ignored this site for far too long! I've ignored peoples comments and galleries and generally just not been doing anything. But now I really want to create some more great TLK art! I'm a little obsessed with re-tooling old pictures, so a lot of my new pics will be similar to my old ones, except, you know, better. Pour example: New pic with Tanabia and Izefia! I'm really happy with how this came out, except for the backround which is sloppy but nonetheless it's a start. I plan on charting out the whole story of Tanabi and Taka through illustrations, and I've actually-omg here-started writing a bit. Maaannnn, being motivated is a cool feeling.

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Hey there, I'm 17 love to draw and blah blah blah. I have brief periods of activity on this site, and then long periods of nothing, and then another flurry of accomplishments here! Wah-hey! I'm trying to re-organize all my old junk now and this should really be on the main page, eh?
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