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I´m a 20 year old Landscape Architect student at the University of Porto and I was a long term artist here (doesnt seem like it cause I deleted all of my 500ish pictures just cause :P)

Now I´m more or less back because I´m more dedicated to the fantasy scene now (from wow to Tolkien and Salvatore) but still I like to go back to my roots and make tribute to what made me dedicate myself to the arts in the first place.

I also have a Deviantart page for the non TLK universe work and if you want to check it out go to:


NOTE: I AM TAKING REQUESTS!!! Just mail me ;)

08:33 Mon 3/22/2010
woah never seem you before... O_____O
Ive just noticed you left because of WOWC ... is it really adicting I always wanted to try it...

Lovley art BTW Hope one day you come back :>

17:03 Thu 3/18/2010
hey just gonna leave u a quick message saying that ur art work is AWESOME!!

10:02 Sat 6/27/2009
HEY moça... entao deixas d postar aki?
Tinhas jeito. muito geito... Bem, seja como for, WoW pode ser mt viciante (jogo ja a ha 4anos ^^')

Seja como for, este sitio faz-nos bem espero k voltes ca eventualmente. Mesmo n tendo gostado mt da atitude e dos maus comentarios *cough* -.-

09:55 Sat 4/25/2009
Hey Galiath. I loved your art. You decided to start over? Welcome back~

14:24 Sat 11/22/2008
wow! gawd, you are such a good artist! you draw lions so perfectly! 8D i really love your art!

You are just so good! *faves you* love all of your art!

=D if you ever have the chance, maybe you could check out my gallery? =3


09:00 Wed 7/16/2008
Hi! =)
Great, we like almost the same music bands! =) Yay for metal!!
Art trade would be fine too, if ya want. ,) Feel free to contact me =)

06:52 Sat 6/28/2008
YEAH! I love your style very much! Your arts are amayzing! WEll DONE ^^.

07:15 Sun 5/18/2008

You've got an awesome gallery and a very cool style!
Keep it up!


09:31 Thu 4/24/2008
hey I luv ur art! would u be able to draw me a Kimera(Vash's daughter)

09:28 Mon 3/24/2008
Sweetnes art!! You are awesomly awesume^^. I would luff to see WAY more of you art^^ Keep on rockinXD!
Well, I was wondering if you would like to do a trade with me. If you do, then could you draw my male fursona Bubba? If you don't want to do a trade, just tell me, I cool with it! :D!

Edit~Sure thing! :D! Your fursona rocks!^^

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