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<div align="center"><h1>My Lion Den, rawgh!</h1>
My name is Gashu-Monsata (well it's not really, harhar), and I am a gallery moderator on for the Flash and animation sections. Which means I have a few Lion King animations planned that I want to make ;)

First things first though... I need to make an avatar for this site! Somehow, I think my normal deviantART dragon quest slime avatar won't suit this site as well XD<div>

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I have been a huge fan of the Lion King ever since I was a small kid, and I was once so obsessed with it that my mum banned me from anything to do with it, haha XD

I have recently got back into drawing LK fanart again, and it's very enjoyable! I also have a deviantART account. I am a moderator on deviantART so I am more active there, but I will upload any Lion King fanart I do here :)

Herp derp. :D
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