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Umm...I'm so afraid of the "BUGBEAR" virus. I had this mail in my inbox. I had opened it and readed it. So I went on to see the comment...I saw that Brian wrote a message that the virus is I have looked on it and it WAS THE VIRUS!! It haven't any you thing it will ruin my PC?? I'm so afraid... ~___~ ...And I want to tell this. Next week I'm going to Croatia. And (as you know) we will have the two-month holiday (don't know how you named it..) so I will acept art trades...I'm better in drawing I don't know ho pleased me, so mail me. AND SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH!! Oh, I almost forgot!!! Look at my page and take a part in my blend challege!! BYE your Garou the white-blue-yellow wolfie!!

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What to say..i like to draw with pencil..
Most of my pictures will be by pencil..
I want to say that..Akela Taka ..your
god!!Let´s have an art trade!!Or with every body else..I´m a wolf..I love wolfs.
They are so fluffy..I want to hug at once one WOLFIE!!
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