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Hi I'm Garnet, I'm Matthew and I'm ryhmimg timing Lizzie!

Garnet : I'm 13 and going on 14. I'm into video games and being a freak with sicko jokes time to time.

Matthew : I'm the shy one of the group, if I say something wrong, peolpe tell me I start going nevrous and repeating I'm Sorry I'm Sorry. [G : Indeed he does]

Lizzie : Gimme a L! L, Gimme and I, I, Oh who cares, what that spell? Li! ...Wait, Li my knee! Gimme the rest of the letters, ZZIE, What that spell now? ZZIE! -- Zzie for meeie?

Garnet : When you running low on the ryhmes. It becomes hard to keep it up.

Lizzie : I heard that! It wasn't a very good chat. Say goodbye Matt!

Matthew : Bye bye!

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'G' : July 27th
'M' : August 1st
'L' : February 14st

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'G' : Garnet
'M' : Block
'L' : Zebra Doodle Fairy
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