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Welcome to my little corner of hell! I'm always open for requests and art trades!

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-- 3/2/17 --

New gif icon! Please be gentle!


-- 1/18/17 --

A new contest is up! It's deadline is quick! Be sure to get to it!


23 Fabulous fans and counting! I thank you all for all your support!
Updated: 2017-06-22 01:40:21.0
2017-03-24 11:45:53.0
Some big cat lineart for the CC! :) I forgot to put a signature on it, so...please credit me!
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2017-02-06 15:25:28.0
A cute mama grooming her cub (who's not having the greatest time XD )! Goin' up on the CC!
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2016-12-26 17:53:15.0
...some unknown cheetah I made. I might put him up for adoption? Would anyone take him though?
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2016-06-27 01:40:47.0
Sorry if it seems a little off-topic, but I may or may not be absolutely obsessed with the Jaquins from the new Disney Channel series Princess Elena of Avalor. I mean, search them up they are so flabbin' cute!

I also may or may not be making more and put them up for adoption!
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2016-06-24 19:44:06.0
My application for Nukasclaw's adoptable, Melon! He's so cute. It's not my best work, I admit, but I do love the design of the character.
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2016-06-24 19:18:08.0
Thank you guys so much! It may not seem like a big number to some, but it means the whole world to me! To think I've only just begun expanding my style and mediums, and already people began to support me. Thank you all, for every piece of support you give me. I don't know where I would be without it.
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2016-05-12 10:38:53.0
It seems as though this website is still sitting in internet obscurity. It thankfully still has amazing artists that are active, but it's funny and annoying to see these idols leave the sites they built themselves on.
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2016-05-01 19:27:21.0
Since I guess everyone's posting personal pictures, I might as well post mine. It's me with a big feline friend from Italy this past summer. :>
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2016-04-30 18:08:18.0
An Outlander lioness lineart for the coloring cave. :> Feel free to use! Make sure to credit me and show me your work! I'd love to see what you do with it!
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