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<b><font size=6><br>Welcome to my gallery!</font></b><br><br>
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<tr><td><div align=center>Email:</div></td></tr>
<tr><td><div align=center>Lilymud: <a href="">Galactacian</a></div></td></tr>;
<tr><td><div align=center>LiveJournal: <a href="">Onemoreartist</a></div></td></tr><tr><td><div align=center>DeviantArt: <a href="">Rukkiyah</a></div></td></tr>;

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<div align=center>I strongly encourage uploading canon scenes and characters.Almost all of the work I upload here is canon, and almost all of my comments are on canon-related pictures.</div></td></tr>
<div align=center>I'm always welcome to new ideas, new tutorials and ways of doing things, so if you've wanted to see a certain character more often, or more of a certain type of picture, don't hesitate to ask! I can't fulfill all requests, but I'll remember them.</td></tr></table>

<img src=""><br>Thank you all for this!<br>
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<b>Art Trades:</b>
<i>Currently:</i> -Closed-
<p>Every picture must contain at least one canon character, period. I am not at this time accepting any trade without them, so please don't ask. I very strongly support all-canon trades, so if that's what you have in mind, that's excellent. I will always ask for canon characters in return, so if you're not up for that beware, because that's what I'm interested in.
<p>As for a time frame: I'm very flexible and hope you will be, too. Art for me is a hobby, and there are times when I don't have the time or the incentive to work on it. I'd rather see an art trade as a chance to have fun, rather than as a deadline.
<div align=left><b>Commenting:</b>
<p>I love it when people comment on my pictures! I especially love thoughtful, in depth, specific comments. Hearing "great job!" is certainly nice, but what's better is a description of what really strikes you about a picture. I love hearing constructive criticism, so please don't hold back; I can probably stomach it.
<p>I don't mind if you comment on something the description or picture made you think of; so long as I've inspired thought, I'm happy. Feel free to share any stories or ideas you've been thinking of, because it's the stories and ideas that I love hearing.
<div align=left><b>Requests:</b>
<i>Currently:</i> -Closed-
<p>Every character or scene must be canon, period. I allow generic pride members or other such characters in the picture, but if it's an original character, please ask for an art trade, not a request. I fully admit a preference for situations concerning certain characters, but I could accept requests for characters that I'm not comfortable with.
<p>Remember that a request is a gift, not a right: please don't rush me and it'll be fun for both of us.
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<b>Copying Pictures:</b>
<p>I strongly prefer it if you would ask me before you post any of the pictures here anywhere else. I put time and effort into them and I'm proud of them, and so I don't like it when others claim them as their own, or simply upload them elsewhere without linking to me.
<p>If you ask me, chances are very good I'll let you repost my pictures with a link back to me. All I want you to do is ask, because it gets you on my good side right away and it's polite to do.
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<div align=left><b>Requests For Others:</b></td></tr>
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Blazing Black Mage - Awaiting picture</div></td><td></td></tr></table>
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<table width="300"><tr><td><div align=center>Thank you to all the wonderful people that continue to give me wonderful comments and far more praise than I could ever deserve. It's your encouragement that inspires me; it's your comments that give me new ideas and keeps me going. <br>Thanks!</td></tr></table>
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Thank you very much, <a href="">The Black Cat!</a></div>

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Hello, and thanks for visiting my profile.

My name’s Kim, and although I like to be called that I don’t mind any shortening or full use of my archive name.

I encourage you to read the front page because it will probably answer some questions of yours. I (will try to) regularly update it, so please view it before you contact me. I tend to be quite verbose; if you don’t like reading long descriptions or paragraphs, you should probably try liking them, because there’s probably information hidden among the text that you might have asked for.

I love canon artwork, and that’s what I come here to view and upload and comment on. I’m not the most prolific commenter in the world, but I still silently encourage any canon artwork, especially canon artwork that gives a “behind the scenes” look into the canon universe.

I have a sense of humor (at least, people laugh at me) and I hope you do, too, when viewing my gallery, because it makes me feel good when I make others laugh.

At the moment, I don’t have non-TLK artwork up, though I have a deviantART account, and will hopefully be uploading there more often.

That’s all for now, and I hope you like my gallery!</td></tr></table>

10:59 Mon 12/16/2013
Hey! Cool art. I like it. You rock!
Hey...can I make a request? Could you please draw a picture of Timon please? 'Cuz Timon is awesome.

05:11 Thu 2/14/2013
Gala, my old dear friend! I have returned to the Archive to eke some more craziness out of my pen....
Just wondering if you are still around?

11:47 Tue 3/30/2010
midnight tigress
wow first off i love your art style and would love it if u could give some tips and also how did u make the amazing banner???

23:11 Sat 9/5/2009
Hi there! wow i love ur art so vivid! the lines are soo smooth! ur a wonderful artist and i cant wait ot see more of ya! X3

21:40 Tue 6/30/2009
Hey galactacian someone stole your art >:C

07:08 Sat 6/20/2009
Hi. I'm sorry to bug you but I just thought you should know, you have quite the fan on deviant art. "Darkprime." He's stolen around 25 pictures of yours and claim them as his own. I've reported as much as I recognized but you might see some more of yours. I'm sorry to bug you, but just thought you should know...

Here's his link. Darkprime on dA.

19:14 Sun 12/21/2008
Great art! Keep up the good work!

20:21 Mon 9/22/2008
wow...your art is really have great ideas for your pics...i really wish you were open 4 trades...oh well...XD *faves * <3

00:21 Tue 7/8/2008
Thought you might want to see this: Some of your art is there, too. Wish I was an artist so I could post a bulletin to let other artists know about it...too bad it's on another site so Brian can't do anything about it.

EDIT: Yeah, they already took down the page. Takascar, a member here at TLKFAA, put a bunch of various artists' work from this site onto his/her webpage without permission, your art included. But it's gone now, thank goodness, thanks to many different protesters from this site.

16:51 Sun 6/1/2008
I love 'yer art! :D

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