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<b>Trades:</b> closed 'till I finnish the 2 I have<br>
<b>Requests:</b> Closed but ask in sketcher and I may :]<br>
<b>Commissions</b> Closed unless you actually want one <i>that</i> bad xD

Big thanks to all of my fans!!! I know I don't upload much here but I still appreciate the support and I love all you guys! <333 I don't mind if you're hidden either :]

Please don't be afraid to talk to me, give critiques, rant at me, ask for a request(I won't shoot you if I don't want to do it), complain about my art, ask for a collab, or anything! I was much more well known in the old days and miss talking to people all the time and having close friends to make stupid inside jokes with ;] so feel free to talk. But I tend to lose track of comments here because they get buried in my inbox so it may take time for me to reply.
So enjoy your stay! :D

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ohey. I'm Toula. I'm 17. I draw :)
I also ukulele, guitar, and eat. thank you for visiting.


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Before I leave you, I must say a couple of things.
&#9829;Don't forget to LIVE through life. Most of us are sleeping.
&#9829;Love EVERYBODY. There's always a reason to love someone no matter how much you dislike them. You just have to find it.
&#9829;Do what you ENJOY. If something isn't working in your life, FIX IT! so that you love everything you do.
&#9829;And lastly, be YOURSELF! Don't let anyone change you and recognize if they are. You aren't you if you're someone else.


Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me~
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