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ok hi...i'm (hopefully) going to be more active but highschool started DX so...IF I OWE ANYONE AN ART TRADE , PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!! ok bai ^^

Pheonixgigs: all done :}
Scully and Mulder:working on
Requests: none

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yupp i changed my name to Fol ( pronounced FOAL) freckled lion lover sounded too little yeah

little bit 'bout me:
. my fav color is black
. i really try hard not to make my work crappy...but it doesnt work that great
.i love art trades
.my life isnt that exciting...but if ya want to talk just email me
.i think im funny
.im a capricorn
.i love to read/ wright
.i love doughnuts
. im blonde

*when your back is agaisnt the wall and the world is against you,you have to fight back in unexpected ways*

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