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<b>Trades:</b> Closed (because I don't have any characters yet)<br>
<b>Commissions:</b> Open; ask for prices/more examples
<b>Requests:</b> Open, but limited. You may feel free to ask for a request, but I might turn you down just because. Its nothing personal, I just might have too much work, or don't feel like drawing that species, or that pose, etc
<b>TO DO</b> <br>
1. <a href="">Almost Angel</a><br>
2. Trade-Baby vitani for <a href="">; |x|Gemini|x|</a><br>
3. Trade-<a href="">SpaceShip</a><br>;

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Dec. 3, 2010
Do you have acount on Deviantart??

Dec. 3, 2010
Ooooh! Loving your style already! Maybe when you create some characters, we can do a character trade. (I do have a couple of cheetah characters)

Nov. 18, 2010
Don't end the contest yet, I have a design I want to enter for you!

Nov. 12, 2010
Hey, wow! I really love your work. Your sense of anatomy and composition is really nicely put together, and I love the way your lines just seem to flow :) Wonderful work, my dear!


Hey Fluxx, I eneterd my cheetah Kaz in your contest but I'd also like to enter the white tiger on this sheet if that's ok. It won't let me upload because it's Supernova's lineart, but she says specifically we are allowed to do what we want with it as long as we cred her so thats my other entry and even if I don't win You can keep them (:

Nov. 3, 2010
Welcome to TLKFAA!
I saw your bulletin and was wondering if youd like me to create you a character (or two, i've got bazillions of designs crammed up in my brain) in exchange for a picture of Skinner, my fursona? if you dont know what that is (i can make you one of these, too ;D) it's a character that represents you in alot if ways.
Please reply, and thanks!!
*edit* oh! totally forgot to link you X3 hehe :) and sure, it sounds like a trade! :D

x.Heyy! Saw your bulletin for requests! I'm new here too, haven't even uploaded a picture yet xP But I like your first pic.
So how 'bout... we do a canon trade, and I was planning to enter your contest anyways so I'll do that!

Edit: Cool! Could you draw cubby Vitani for me? Anyway you want, I don't care :3

Nov. 3, 2010
saw your bulletin- i'm always looking for friends, and love to make requests, so could I get u to draw my fursona Stella for me??

Nov. 2, 2010
hi there! i saw you were open for requests, but i always prefer trades because i feel bad for requests. ^^
want to do one??

if youd like, id design you your first character, or fursona?

oh!! and welcome to the archive!! you have very beautiful art for just joining! im very impressed! =D

SWEET!! sounds great!! will you please draw my Mwokozi??

Nov. 2, 2010
roni the lioness
Welcome to the archive your Nala is beautiful you sould win in the contest (:

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