Are you sure?


2014-02-24 18:31:38.0
Nala and Kopa chilling in the tree area behind Pride Rock. I'm guessing Kopa wants to hear a few stories maybe!

I spent far too long on this considering it's fanart ._.' -fail-

I hope the watermarks don't detract too much :c I don't like putting them on but far too much of my TLK art is stolen (and sometimes sold) these days

shoutout to BlazingBlackMage for helping with Kopa!

edit: Sorry for reupload but Nala's nose bridge was bothering me! I accidently made it flat. Should be looking much more rounded now!
562 x 800
104.916015625 KB
Color JPEG
24 faves
2008-08-16 13:17:02.0
The Lion King Canon
<i>The sun beat down on a new era of the Pridelands.
This would be the first hunt since the joining of the prides. Both sides were nervous and a little weary of each other as they crossed the grassland in search of food. Queen Nala lead the hunting party hoping that today's hunt would help bond the former enemies.
The wind blew strong and something in the air caught Nala's eye. Quickly she reached up and caught it. Leaves and zebra fur.The herds were not far from here. The Hunt was now on...</i>

434 x 597
35.044921875 KB
Color JPEG
22 faves
2008-12-18 11:58:33.0
The Lion King Canon
<i> clonk-a-clonk...CLICK...

The beast born of rage and hate, half machine half shadows, it seeks out its prey. Slow but patient,it follows its victim, waiting to strike. It can wait for many moons just following the smell of its prey. None who have been followed have lived longer an year.
The last sound ever heard by its prey is always the same...

clonk-a-clonk...CLICK... </i>

875 x 538
169.47265625 KB
Color JPEG
21 faves
2013-05-21 20:33:35.0
The Lion King Canon
A Kiara in a Princessey style picture? I don't know xD I just finished doing Princess Celestia from MLP FiM as a human ( and needed to do another princess-ey pic xD

Kiara is a Princess but Disney doesn't use animals (or sequels) for their Princesses. At least that means she's safe from the horrible pink, blush, glitter and sequins that seem to attack the real Disney Princesses.

That is until I did this >:B
1000 x 619
99.228515625 KB
Color JPEG
21 faves
2008-11-02 19:45:47.0
The Lion King Canon
Simba: Thats fer maeking Ppl sad >3

<i>And so Simba sat and ate popcorn while watching Scar get eaten and got away with it too. Because Scar was clearly EVIL... Cos he had a scar ... and that's why he was so evil...


Yus, it was D< </i>
606 x 637
201.6376953125 KB
Color JPEG
19 faves
2008-09-03 08:38:26.0
The Lion King Canon
life size petal painting with oils
117 x 130
6.208984375 KB
Color JPEG
19 faves
2010-12-24 10:42:42.0
The Lion King Canon
<i> 'Simba awoke one morning to find the sky lighter than normal. With his parents asleep he ventured to investigate.

He found the ground covered with white stuff. And there was white stuff in the air too! what was it all and what did it mean?'</i>
Merry Christmas all! Hope you all have a good one C: (for the contest)

More active on my DA:
800 x 600
85.734375 KB
Color JPEG
19 faves
2010-08-27 11:26:19.0
The Lion King Canon
Original Nala Colours:

Done to Revolution on the Dance Floor. I didn't realise it but it reminds me of kourukon's pic *sends to kourukon*
630 x 800
47.87109375 KB
Color JPEG
19 faves
2010-04-20 11:07:18.0
Solarus and Cubby Catching butterflies

Edit:Re-scanned it with my new scanner and added a few things to it.
557 x 800
273.7998046875 KB
Color JPEG
19 faves
2017-03-23 12:14:27.0
Every two years I like to redraw one of my oldest pieces of artwork on the internet; a golden lion.
It's interesting to see how the picture has changed over the years. It's nice to see how I have improved and what I still have yet to work on!
My progress picture will be below, so you can see the years of my artwork go by.
1000 x 704
157.8798828125 KB
18 faves
2009-10-23 11:48:12.0
The Lion King Canon
Can you free the love tonight~

951 x 714
232.67578125 KB
Color PNG
17 faves
2008-10-22 15:01:27.0
The Lion King Canon
Oh noes! Scar U maek ppl sad :C

606 x 606
248.5615234375 KB
Color PNG
17 faves
2010-01-03 20:41:37.0
The Lion King Canon
<i> After Simba's return the pridelands once again became lush and beautiful. Sarabi was happy again for the first time in years, but still felt the loss of her mate.
On sunny days she would go to the top of pride rock and sit and remember.
On those days she could almost feel the presence of her mate, drifting in the wind. </i>
755 x 757
285.45703125 KB
Color PNG
16 faves
2013-06-26 20:50:38.0
So yeah I went a redid it anyway. Think of the 2 pictures as a kind of set or something xD

Old version:

Done to the same music: Okami OST The Sun Rises
800 x 590
213.5302734375 KB
Color JPEG
15 faves
2016-07-24 11:28:49.0
She Glistens Like Gold
Music used: Nightstep (Nightcore)- Gold:

In the same series as 'He Burns Like The Sun' 'cept that one is in a serious need of an update and a slight stylisation ( It's been a year already!)

Originally concept was started last year but I opened it and thought it looked terrible so I restarted it. It was going to be water based but gold fit too well and the colours just worked better with gold. Plus Jaguars= Gold to be because of Aztec Gold/Gods :p

(Also I found my Pumbaa sketch! YAAAY!)
998 x 1500
375.7685546875 KB
15 faves
2009-10-09 20:57:54.0
The Lion King Canon

900 x 597
289.0419921875 KB
Color JPEG
14 faves
2009-07-17 07:59:35.0
The Lion King Canon
I like butterflies C:
800 x 580
245.18359375 KB
Color JPEG
14 faves
2012-11-29 20:05:08.0
You know when you've worked so hard on something that you should be proud of, but you feel its just not good enough? This is that kind of picture for me S: Maybe it will grow on me...

Done for the current contest: Improvement on the Horizon.

edit: Fixed a few good things. Like it a bit better now xD

edit2: Hopefully last edit. Dixed those trees in the foreground as they looked like cotton candy ;o;
800 x 417
104.166015625 KB
Color JPEG
13 faves
2009-04-14 13:07:29.0
The Lion King Canon
"Far away
through night and day
you fly *on home tonight
Come to me
you know I'll be here
when you call tonight

Oh tonight
I miss you
Oh tonight
I wish you
could be here with me
but I won't see you
'til you've made it back again

Home and dry
Home and dry" </i>

Home And Dry by Pet Shop Boys
* not the correct lyrics here but that what I thought they were when hearing the song. It's in fact 'You fly long haul tonight' None of the rest of the song goes Cx just those lyrics
Sarafina thinking about Nala hoping she'll come be safe.

Song link
804 x 540
221.90234375 KB
Color PNG
12 faves
2010-04-16 17:57:07.0
Originally done in inks I decided to digitally colour the tiger CX

No a ref wasn't used 'cept for the fur direction and the snow:

Time: 108 hours
Median: Indian Inks, Digital colouring
Song:Origa -Aurora
1000 x 703
238.5654296875 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2016-07-22 16:46:59.0
love the new Lion Guard series and I love Fuli's character! I can understand the criticism behind her design but hey! It's a kid's show C: However this does make it hard to draw her with the normal TLK cast. Everyone else can get away with it but Fuli just looks really odd next to say, TLK1 Nala!

I see so many redesigns but they end up being so drastic they end up looking like a generic cheetah and not Fuli anymore; so I did a redesign of my own; an (adult) Fuli! Hopefully She still looks like herself, but fits into TLK and looks like a king cheetah!
1024 x 705
193.880859375 KB
12 faves
2010-09-08 18:35:47.0
The Lion King Canon
<i>Well, isn't it midnight
On the other side of the world
Do you remember
The face of a pretty girl
(The face of a pretty girl...)
The face of a pretty girl
(The face of a pretty girl...)</i>
Song: Fleetwood Mac - Isn't It Midnight:

Had this scene/song in my head for years Cx

The lyrics don't seem much but listen to the music and you'll get it much better xD


edit: Fixed a few things and signed it o3o
833 x 1000
187.626953125 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2009-01-23 15:09:10.0
The Lion King Canon
Clipart pose my style <3
600 x 593
198.037109375 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2013-07-01 16:00:19.0
I... Don't know how this happened. Started in sketcher and it just sort of went from there. Painted in SAI.

No scaling down. I accidentally forgot to scale up the sketch so this is what size it was painted at o3o'

Tis Ghost Mufasa being all 'Circle of life yo' while tiny Simba stands on top of Pride Rock.
892 x 691
187.630859375 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2009-07-24 19:23:40.0
The Lion King Canon
Heavly reffed from TamberElla's Pic: and that in turn was based from:
Yes I asked Tamber before hand.
600 x 687
245.8173828125 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2009-07-23 14:50:42.0
The Lion King Canon
Last night I couldn't sleep and while awake I had a realisation.
Uru means diamond and there must be a reason why you could call a lioness diamond and not just cos of a marking.They never said her fur colour in the books
Then it hit me. What colour are diamonds normally?

White C;
Where did Scar's colour come from?
Most likely carried down from a either ahadi or uru or even the grandparents. A white lion parent wont give birth to a white cub unless the other parent has the white gene too.So Ahadi may not of had the white gene and it resulted in 'normal' coloured cubs.
Just because uru is white doesn't mean before the white gene kicked in the red gene got lost. She could still carry it from her parents or even Ahadi could of.
633 x 800
270.669921875 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2016-07-18 10:08:12.0
Felt like doing a bit of Kion x Fuli shipping fanart!

I've been extremely busy as of late due to both online and offline. I'm really flustered at the moment, so much stuff needs to be done and remembered and... ;o; *mind meltdown*

Long story short I'm due to move on the 5th Aug into my own home and going out into the world job hunting and all that horrible grown up stuff ;o;

Online BMM, Suka (I don't think they can log into the site at the mo D: ) and I have spent months secretly working on the background, making it it best it can be! We all hope you like it. It was blast!

Also I seemed to of misplaced my Pumbaa sketch for the archive collab. I thought I left it out, but it may of been packed D:
1000 x 572
175.1572265625 KB
12 faves
2017-01-20 18:04:52.0
Prepare for heart themed characters in time for 'Valentine Day' :P

Concept Art for LionHeart. A huge beast, known for protecting the Queen Of Hearts. He can create BloodHounds from his tubes to aid him in protecting the Queen.
1027 x 1200
177.1982421875 KB
12 faves
2013-06-26 13:25:53.0
-Causally mixes old oriental style with new realism skills-

A sort of redo of: (tempted to redo it completely xD )

Keep this style? yes/no?
800 x 522
168.0302734375 KB
Color JPEG
12 faves
2009-07-19 09:09:40.0
The Lion King Canon
An African Daisy

578 x 574
160.845703125 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2010-02-21 19:12:00.0
The Lion King Canon

Seriously, it was bound to happen sooner or later Cx

Simba drawn straight from ink+brush and coloured with ink pencils. Logo was drawn with a pencil first to get the circle right.

An Okamba maybe?
800 x 625
238.6982421875 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2010-02-19 20:28:34.0
The Lion King Canon
The Lion King meets The Beatles Yellow Submarine Cx

You wont get any of this unless you've seen the movie and your of a certain age (old like me :p)

If you've seen it and get every reference.. you win! XD

To those of you who wanna see it, link to part 1 is here:

Enjoy 8D
1000 x 682
254.013671875 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2010-01-14 13:55:51.0
The Lion King Canon
Baby Simba will eat your soul :u

And now I'm off to draw evil, violent things before I die of overexposure to cuteness
700 x 577
291.9755859375 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2008-12-04 12:13:39.0
The Lion King Canon
story that went with this pic is lost D:
832 x 595
45.474609375 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2009-12-12 18:17:51.0
Done with a mix of Inks: brush work and pen
555 x 800
165.1474609375 KB
Color JPEG
11 faves
2010-07-02 12:34:48.0
Impala reffed (not copied) from several Impala pictures.

Done in inks the digitally coloured in SAI

/time :9ish hours
513 x 800
146.4921875 KB
Color JPEG
10 faves
2014-12-12 13:49:59.0
The Lion King Canon
Figured I'd enter the contest :D

Mufasa's Ghost done in six colours (they are by my signature in case you're wondering!) Any other colours that you can see are infact due to the paint blending effects rather than added colours Cx
1000 x 930
90.2080078125 KB
Color JPEG
10 faves
2008-07-07 07:19:39.0
The Lion King Canon
Scar roaring his little head off c:
515 x 800
50.2001953125 KB
Color JPEG
10 faves
2008-11-24 18:29:52.0
The Lion King Canon
Dancing simba
600 x 429
91.6884765625 KB
Color PNG
10 faves
2010-08-25 11:40:08.0
The Lion King Canon
Uru means diamond. They never said her fur colour in the books...
What colour are diamonds normally? White C;
Where did Scar's colour come from?
Most likely carried down from a either Ahadi or Uru or even the grandparents. A white lion parent wont give birth to a white cub unless the other parent has the white gene too.So Ahadi may not of had the white gene and it resulted in 'normal' coloured cubs.
Just because uru is white doesn't mean the red gene got lost. She could still carry it from her parents or even Ahadi could of.

Tried TLK style <3 And those grasses I drew and copy pasted into clumps.

Edit: 1st?! Thank you All for the Votes!
972 x 685
154.681640625 KB
Color JPEG
10 faves
2008-06-24 19:24:51.0
The Lion King Canon
Happy Birthday Lion King <3
600 x 600
28.8603515625 KB
Color JPEG
10 faves
2010-05-02 17:56:45.0
My character Quill; Shes a Fossa (found on Madagascar) with a mix of Temminck's Pangolin and a Cape Porcupine.

A while back when I made her people were Asking why, if she was a hunter, she wasn't camo'd against all the green forestry... Well now you know why Cx She is Camo'd but the forests aren't green on the Void (thanks to Tick-Tock)

Time: 45 hours
Media: Indian Inks, Digital colouring
Song:Seether - Like suicide

Edit: btw song has swearing in it. Be warned
665 x 1000
271.4638671875 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2009-01-01 19:10:42.0
The Lion King Canon
Pumbaaaaaaa <3
700 x 700
242.9453125 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2008-11-30 14:58:41.0
The Lion King Canon
new style. ive decided to stop fighting it. TBH its nice to go with the flow
700 x 560
188.0458984375 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2010-02-15 09:18:20.0
Done for my Nan's B-day (today) took 30-ish hours with a pen and ink (and brush)

Ref was used, not for the tiger itself but the fur direction and eyes.
Enjoy <3
800 x 584
271.0390625 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2011-09-05 12:38:31.0
The Lion King Canon
<i>'Taka held back his tears. He was a fully grown lion. He was not going to weep like some new born cub.
As he held the lifeless body of his mother a single tear fell down his cheek.

Uru was not the only one to die that day. There was no longer Taka, only Scar remained'</i>
Picture based on Audrey Cosmo's epic comic <3
I used my Uru insted since I can't picture Uru in any other colours apart from white now
(Uru= Diamond, diamonds are white. See pic here for theory :p

Design is free for use too (I've been ask a few times before xD) so feel free peoples!

Thanks for the epic comic you're doing Audrey Cosmo! ;o;
900 x 832
94.62890625 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2016-11-15 12:51:05.0
Tis' Nala C: Im not sure if I'll carry on with this style. Its very difficult to keep consistent and time consuming. But if enough people like it I may do a bit more fanart in it C:
1200 x 987
267.7548828125 KB
9 faves
2016-03-20 10:40:37.0
DA Commission for a Tarzan X Lion King crossover
1000 x 497
114.6767578125 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2014-11-13 13:42:02.0
Been ill, still am :c I hate colds and viruses because I never can get rid of them.

Study of a Jaguar (refed from )

I might go back to this and add more fur detail to it at some point
800 x 556
160.65234375 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2016-02-03 10:01:45.0
A Leopard done in Tea, Gouche, Promarkers and Metallic pens c:
800 x 641
171.1162109375 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2009-05-31 10:38:23.0
The Lion King Canon
For the archive wide contest.Of course I chose an Chinese person.

Empress Wu was the only Empress in the feudal dynasties (which lasted 4,000 years) She gave more rights to women, asked scholars to write biographies of famous women, created part of the language (which after her death was no longer used), replaced Daoism with Buddhism and invited scholars from around the world to China.
That said, like any old ruler, she was horribly ruthless and had alot of people put to death.
She started off as a concubine and rose in power to become empress.

sound alittle like some other female we know? *looks at zira*
419 x 551
181.6708984375 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2008-10-15 17:59:27.0
The Lion King Canon
Kiara with a slight redesign, to make her look more like nala and simba
682 x 717
95.6220703125 KB
Color PNG
8 faves
2008-11-06 09:10:13.0
The Lion King Canon
Remember Kids! Don't Do Drugs! D:

Simba: Thats teh last tIme i steals stuffs fRom unkle Scar! D8

600 x 481
179.63671875 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2014-03-01 11:57:06.0
A sort of follow up to the Nala and Kopa pic...

Another redo of an old piece of mine I found stolen on fanpop \:

I really wanted to try SP Nala. She's pretty :D Her face shape is a lot more rounder and shorter. She looks a lot like Sarabi :0
562 x 800
100.1064453125 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2017-01-12 12:30:14.0
Really fast Doodle of Kovu since I have never drawn him.
652 x 900
240.732421875 KB
8 faves
2013-02-20 18:58:31.0
Redo of an old series I like to redo every 2 years :D Improvment shots are here:

Suddenly my sister went out and bought me Photoshop CS 6 extended. So this is my first picture with it and SUDDENLY PAINTING.

Thanks to PS I can finally paint <3 -loves it-

Thanks to everyone to said congrats on my engagement :D I wanna say Thanks but I feel silly saying the same thing to all of you xD
1000 x 556
181.0791015625 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2009-07-15 19:45:11.0
The Lion King Canon
Hunting is hard... Especially when your prey decides to take a rest on your nose
565 x 800
224.7587890625 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2009-01-31 18:34:29.0
The Lion King Canon
Sketcher lioness
336 x 300
248.3486328125 KB
Color PNG
8 faves
2014-02-10 11:06:42.0
A 'Warm up' that I played with for far too long and became a finished piece. A redo of sorts of this old pic:

I Can't Wait To Be King done in my style CX Also now my page banner!
800 x 502
156.693359375 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2009-08-02 20:29:36.0
The Lion King Canon
<i> After the ceremony Kovu watched as the pride made their way into the Den. He waited until everyone was inside and went and sat on the edge of pride rock.
He waited alittle longer, looking at the stars. A small smile came to his face...
"Mother.." He whispered "We won" </i>

Anyone other than me find the whole ending of SP fishy? >3> I mean Kovu didnt even try to help his mother and the speed at which the lionesses changed sides was waaay too fast.
Makes me think that maybe Zira planned it all. Right down to her death. I mean if she loved scar that much..?
And kovu sighing? maybe he knew it was coming?

Meh random idea. My only feeling is...

The joke is on you Simba
624 x 500
155.6728515625 KB
Color PNG
8 faves
2008-08-19 10:01:10.0
The Lion King Canon
Shadowland Nala. Again strange style
900 x 606
76.462890625 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2010-02-05 17:41:06.0
The Lion King Canon
Nala in the jungle.

Drawn with Indian Ink and Brush then tones added with watered down Indian Ink C:
700 x 489
124.0302734375 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2008-07-02 11:55:17.0
The Lion King Canon
simba in the fight with scar
389 x 500
32.412109375 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2009-12-18 18:24:11.0
The Lion King Canon
Mufasa and his kingdom

Done to the song the Sun Rises from Okami:
800 x 623
270.38671875 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2009-04-29 12:10:42.0
The Lion King Canon
698 x 1000
213.1298828125 KB
Color JPEG
8 faves
2014-02-12 14:03:50.0
The Lion King Canon
Named after the song that popped into my head halfway through this:

A redo of this:

I didn't add the tree and ferns as I felt it wasn't needed and wouldn't be very helpful if they were dancing xD

Canon Requests are open as well as if you want to see me redo anything in my gallery ;3
800 x 508
124.693359375 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2013-11-07 11:59:20.0
The Lion King Canon
Jealousy... It consumes from within until there is nothing

Doodley thing. Done just to try and get myself back into arting so I can finish the rabbit calendar project I've been working on..
700 x 709
129.7822265625 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2011-02-18 15:02:20.0
The Lion King Canon
Based on the terrible 3D blu ray cover that Annit dared me to redraw.
I didnt do the animals at the bottom cos.. I got lazy and they are just filler really |D

That horrible cover is HERE:

Simba and Ghost muffy killed me. Simba needed 16 redraws while everyone else needed only 2 or 3. Ghost Muffy was painted on and I kept having to redo areas until I got it right x-x'

Fist time drawing Rafiki,Timon and Pumbaa TLK style.

All said and done I'm pretty please with this |D

(Also since when did Nala have brown eyes, Disney?)
658 x 800
212.3974609375 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2016-05-07 10:08:35.0
Currently working on colouring this; It's not going as planned, and I'm starting to like the black and white version better |:

Figured I'd upload it as I know a few people like seeing black and white more than colour C:
741 x 1000
109.341796875 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2010-01-12 17:21:34.0
The Lion King Canon
<i>Let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let's dance, to the song they're playin' on the radio

Let's sway, while colour lights up your face
Let's sway, sway through the crowd to an empty space

If you say run, I'll run with you
And if you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall
Into my arms
And tremble like a flower

Let's dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues
Let's dance, to the song we're playing
Let's sway
Let's sway, under the moonlight, this serious moonlight
Let's dance</i>

776 x 731
269.5634765625 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2012-12-10 09:34:56.0
Off Topic! Bad Fluffy! But I don't think I'll have any more wintery pictures in time before Christmas :C

Also this is a redo:

So to everyone; Have a great Christmas, Yule or Winter Solstice or whatever you celebrate! Have fun and don't forget to stay safe :3
800 x 486
83.37109375 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2010-12-11 08:08:03.0
Off topic but I just wanted to post /something/ to show I'm alive.

Lots of comp issues and I'm not that into lions/lion king anymore. to be honest I havnt been for over well over 3 years >o>

Pretty much only active on my DA now D:

See you when I draw something on topic Cx
1000 x 687
129.455078125 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2015-05-11 14:10:53.0
1000 x 557
112.24609375 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2009-12-01 14:35:24.0
The Lion King Canon
<i> 'Heh, that little scrap nearly pulled one over on us, didn't he Shenzi?'

'uh? yeah...yeah....' </i>

938 x 722
166.7578125 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2008-07-13 11:35:21.0
The Lion King Canon
A Oil painting done on a rose petal. I have done a few more but lost them due to the tiny size.
The pic is just a little over real life size.

120 x 127
2.775390625 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2015-10-02 08:15:05.0
The Lion King Big AU
Adult Kiara as seen in the AU between myself Suka and BBM

Just a quick headshot done for a family tree sort of thing :3
800 x 662
51.732421875 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2009-01-30 19:26:09.0
The Lion King Canon
"And so Simba learnt the hard way that monkeys are never serious and not everything they say should be listened to"

I always thought with Rafiki saying "look harder" that maybe Simba would lean in a little too far...
625 x 500
28.07421875 KB
Color JPEG
7 faves
2009-10-02 18:26:05.0
Mother and Baby Caracal

The mother Caracal is meant to be Like:
'I'm going get you for that you little monster, just you wait'
and Baby is all ' Tail! NOOOOOM' 8D
881 x 708
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2008-11-11 08:37:21.0
The Lion King Canon
priderock BG
804 x 644
191.1025390625 KB
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2014-02-06 21:42:35.0
I've seen people uploading pictures of themselves, so I thought why not? :3

This is me. I am a bunny. Fear my cuteness
338 x 497
64.6328125 KB
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2008-03-23 09:30:22.0
The Lion King Canon
Kopa and simba
650 x 587
251.640625 KB
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2009-07-15 15:24:29.0
The Lion King Canon
630 x 800
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2013-02-26 20:21:03.0
Oyhan; God of Wisdom & Knowledge from my Sci-Fantasy Planets. He's the only one with a link to Earth.

Huoma(Humans)tamed big cats and used them in battles with the Maozka. The Maozka took a liking to the cats and stole or took them from the battlefields. But rather using them like the Huoma did (as attack cat on a lead) they use them as mounts. It's a sore point with the Huoma that the Maozka both love and treat the cats with more respect than they do. Maozka have taken the cats into their culture and even wear masks with their likeness.

Oyhan is a reversal of this. His head is a 'Battle cat' with a 'mask' with similar markings to a Maozka; however is it more human-like in appearance. It's unsure if the mask is part of his face or not
706 x 800
142.154296875 KB
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2013-03-17 13:53:36.0
The Lion King Big AU
My new Uru design :3

People kept bugging me about her name not meaning the gemstone but the card suit. I feel that its kinda of lost in traslation; I mean how would lions know what a deck of cards is? xD But to stop this annoyance I fixed her so that now she works both ways :D

Why is your Uru design white?
Uru means diamond = white. I thought it fitting she be white. Now finding out her name means the suit of cards rather than the gem, her red diamond marking rather covers this!

Scar or mufasa could of got their colouring from either parent or even grandparents. A white lion parent won't give birth to a white cub unless the other parent has the white gene too. So Ahadi may not of had the white gene and it resulted in 'normal' cubs
847 x 1000
243.8505859375 KB
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2009-08-03 11:07:43.0
The Lion King Canon
It is D: How'd you explain it disappearing and reappearing?
611 x 600
110.984375 KB
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2009-04-22 21:04:18.0
The Lion King Canon
Simba from the morning report Zazu's view point
710 x 710
211.875 KB
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2009-10-01 10:39:57.0
A cheetah stylised
875 x 700
293.4697265625 KB
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2009-11-19 18:33:35.0
My Tao-Fu; Hao-Ka
861 x 707
183.2099609375 KB
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2014-06-12 07:58:18.0
The Lion King Canon
Kion :D

However from what I've seen some people are complaining that 'All of Simba's kids are his clones' so I did this.

Out of the three my favourite design is Kopa. While I like Kion's design its very bright X: Once we have a clear picture of Simba/Nala with Kion we can colour match his parents with the movies and get some 'movie' colours for him (that's if they have stylised the colours; otherwise we're stuck with neon Kion :C ) Also hoping that's Rafiki's Paint on his shoulder.

Kiara and Kion look nothing like Simba; Kopa is similar but he has a lot of Mufasa's design in him. To say he's a Simba clone would be like calling Simba a Mufasa clone xD

They all have similar colour schemes to Simba, but they aren't really clones!
800 x 763
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2016-12-31 08:17:16.0
Music Used:

Another one for the series. This was partly done on my old bamboo tablet and my brand new Cintiq 22HD. Man I love this thing already. Feels so much more comfortable drawing and painting now since I'm so used to real media. Hopefully the colours look okay! My Monitor says one lot of colours but the cintiq says another set, more inclined to believe the cintiq though since the screen is newe
1000 x 497
163.12890625 KB
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2011-05-16 09:02:29.0
The Lion King Canon
The Lion King; My style xD

I was going to add the 'belly' markings on Nala and Simba but they looked so much better without them Cx

Will think about doing Cubs S+N and Mufasa, Sarabi etc

Done to A Friend in London - New Tomorrow

What say you? Keep doing TLK fanart in this style or switch back to TLK style?
800 x 621
68.6357421875 KB
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2015-03-24 11:47:03.0
Every 2 years I redo this piece just to see how I've improved. Decided to take it a different direction this year with a blue day sky instead of sunset :3

Other version:
1000 x 540
110.919921875 KB
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2009-04-09 18:11:53.0
The Lion King Canon
Sunrise C:
610 x 499
254.123046875 KB
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2009-08-14 11:43:50.0
The Lion King Canon
“Hmm…?’ Zira woke and gazed at Vitani.
“I’m gonna go catch some mice, or maybe even some bats in the Pridelands! Right under their noses! Haha!’ Vitani said and smirked. “Want me to catch you something, Mother?”
“No, no” said Zira idly “Be back before sunrise”.
“kay” said Vitani and bounded off.

Zira stared at Vitani as she dashed for the Pridelands. Vitani was a skilled hunter, smart and beautiful. But beauty, Zira knew, wouldn’t survive here. Vitani had to become stronger, to survive, to win. If that meant the at cost of her beauty, then so be it. </i>
734 x 600
190.5703125 KB
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2016-08-06 06:43:20.0
Pumbaa for the Archive collab C:

Apologies for the wait; I have been extremely busy buying a house! Got the news the other day that the contracts have been exchanged so it looks like after a year and a half I'll finally be moving!
1500 x 1270
146.8232421875 KB
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2014-05-12 09:32:59.0
The Lion King Big AU
A chart of Kiara and how she ages throughtout her teens into adulthood.

I always saw Kiara as not quite a teenager (since she still had her cub colours) but more bordering on the end of cubhood coming into her teenage years. Think about 14 (which I believe is the age of Juliet which SP is based off of.)Kovu is a season (maybe a little more) older than her in my mind (which I believe is the same with Romeo, I think he's 16 in the play).

So anyway here is my design for adult Kiara (which I believe is going to be used in the Big AU between me, Suka and BBM)

I could rant about kiara's design and my theory behind her ageing all day but I'll leave you guys to ask in the comments. :D
849 x 1000
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2011-02-16 08:27:41.0
The Lion King Big AU
As they stood on pride rock as the mates for the first time The animals gathered below them cheered and stomped in celebration....

Click here for full mini story please :c I hate the character limit:

Ahadi and Uru c;

800 x 507
42.203125 KB
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2009-04-10 15:21:51.0
The Lion King Canon
Real media Simba bookmark
323 x 496
33.6552734375 KB
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2009-06-15 19:49:10.0
The Lion King Canon
That's why scar is jealous c:
730 x 500
208.68359375 KB
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2009-12-05 21:14:41.0
750 x 784
180.072265625 KB
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