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2017-03-23 12:14:27.0
Every two years I like to redraw one of my oldest pieces of artwork on the internet; a golden lion.
It's interesting to see how the picture has changed over the years. It's nice to see how I have improved and what I still have yet to work on!
My progress picture will be below, so you can see the years of my artwork go by.
1000 x 704
157.8798828125 KB
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2017-03-23 12:00:16.0
Bi-Yearly Progress :D
909 x 1000
258.171875 KB
4 faves
2017-03-14 08:28:15.0
Huh, Couldn't log in for a while there, almost gave up.

Commission for Corrilia on FA of her and her husband's fursonas C: Gotta love Saber cats
1200 x 777
173.6318359375 KB
2 faves
2017-01-28 07:47:38.0
Hey Everyone!
I'm sorry I haven't been about and commenting! I haven't forgotten you all; I'm super sick at the moment. I seem to have a respiratory infection and it's super hard and painful to breathe at the moment.

I'll try and make it up to everyone once I feel like I can form coherent sentences <3

In other news: Have a Sarafina vs Nala picture. Always makes me laugh when people say they look the same. If anything Kiara and Sarafina look similar face wise.
1000 x 503
144.76171875 KB
6 faves
2017-01-23 13:20:55.0
A sort of Old Vs New Picture!

(Bottom) Back in 2007 when I first made the Pollions and they lived on the planet Terravita. They were literally flower lion cubs with the standard Earth type flora, just some fantasy flowers and nothing really standout-ish about the world.

(Top)The updated 'Sporleon'. These guys live on Tal-Vira; a fungus world. As such I had to redesign them to fit into the world and it's colours :p Was a tricky thing to do but I'm super happy with them now!
1000 x 539
100.9111328125 KB
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2017-01-20 18:04:52.0
Prepare for heart themed characters in time for 'Valentine Day' :P

Concept Art for LionHeart. A huge beast, known for protecting the Queen Of Hearts. He can create BloodHounds from his tubes to aid him in protecting the Queen.
1027 x 1200
177.1982421875 KB
12 faves
2017-01-15 06:38:09.0
A character of a head world I'm working on. The world is ruled over by The False Mirror, who in turn has his (deadly sins themed) Rulers who control sections of the world. Old leaders have been scrapped (Although Tick is still about. He needs a tiiiny little update to fit :p)

Been working on this character on and off since November. About time I finally got it uploaded! Keep an eye out for more characters from this world as well as my Scifi Worlds C:
1200 x 639
189.0009765625 KB
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2017-01-12 12:30:14.0
Really fast Doodle of Kovu since I have never drawn him.
652 x 900
240.732421875 KB
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2017-01-01 08:20:34.0
Not sure how much progress I made last year, but hopefully I can push myself even further this year!


1000 x 1128
183.7666015625 KB
2016-12-31 08:17:16.0
Music Used:

Another one for the series. This was partly done on my old bamboo tablet and my brand new Cintiq 22HD. Man I love this thing already. Feels so much more comfortable drawing and painting now since I'm so used to real media. Hopefully the colours look okay! My Monitor says one lot of colours but the cintiq says another set, more inclined to believe the cintiq though since the screen is newe
1000 x 497
163.12890625 KB
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2016-12-20 16:25:22.0
A tiny tiger and butterfly done on Watercolour Paper with Indian Ink, Gouache and Promarkers.
721 x 900
204.8046875 KB
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2016-12-12 14:19:17.0
A sort of nostalgic picture; my old species from way back in the golden days of TLKfaa

And what they are now C:

The old Pollions and Leafcat with the new Sporleon :D
1011 x 1000
251.81640625 KB
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2016-11-15 12:51:05.0
Tis' Nala C: Im not sure if I'll carry on with this style. Its very difficult to keep consistent and time consuming. But if enough people like it I may do a bit more fanart in it C:
1200 x 987
267.7548828125 KB
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2016-08-06 06:43:20.0
Pumbaa for the Archive collab C:

Apologies for the wait; I have been extremely busy buying a house! Got the news the other day that the contracts have been exchanged so it looks like after a year and a half I'll finally be moving!
1500 x 1270
146.8232421875 KB
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2016-07-26 17:11:10.0
He Burns Like The Sun

'The fury of the Lion is unmatched, save for the unforgiving heat of the sun'

A redo of the old to fit with the new style. Been a year and I hope that I've improved since C:
2000 x 994
625.171875 KB
6 faves
2016-07-24 11:28:49.0
She Glistens Like Gold
Music used: Nightstep (Nightcore)- Gold:

In the same series as 'He Burns Like The Sun' 'cept that one is in a serious need of an update and a slight stylisation ( It's been a year already!)

Originally concept was started last year but I opened it and thought it looked terrible so I restarted it. It was going to be water based but gold fit too well and the colours just worked better with gold. Plus Jaguars= Gold to be because of Aztec Gold/Gods :p

(Also I found my Pumbaa sketch! YAAAY!)
998 x 1500
375.7685546875 KB
15 faves
2016-07-22 16:46:59.0
love the new Lion Guard series and I love Fuli's character! I can understand the criticism behind her design but hey! It's a kid's show C: However this does make it hard to draw her with the normal TLK cast. Everyone else can get away with it but Fuli just looks really odd next to say, TLK1 Nala!

I see so many redesigns but they end up being so drastic they end up looking like a generic cheetah and not Fuli anymore; so I did a redesign of my own; an (adult) Fuli! Hopefully She still looks like herself, but fits into TLK and looks like a king cheetah!
1024 x 705
193.880859375 KB
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2016-07-21 08:23:46.0
A random Lion Cub done in my style in Sketcher. Was hoping to do more with this but apparently I am a slow snail :C
732 x 430
155.3857421875 KB
1 fave
2016-07-20 13:27:28.0
A quick Sketcher doodle of a baby Tiifu C:

Its great to see the place so active again! :D
555 x 299
168.2666015625 KB
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2016-07-20 09:43:53.0
A Scar done in sketcher C:

Was hoping more people would come join in ;o;
I miss the old days when sketcher was lovely and fun...
485 x 477
69.3779296875 KB
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2016-07-18 10:08:12.0
Felt like doing a bit of Kion x Fuli shipping fanart!

I've been extremely busy as of late due to both online and offline. I'm really flustered at the moment, so much stuff needs to be done and remembered and... ;o; *mind meltdown*

Long story short I'm due to move on the 5th Aug into my own home and going out into the world job hunting and all that horrible grown up stuff ;o;

Online BMM, Suka (I don't think they can log into the site at the mo D: ) and I have spent months secretly working on the background, making it it best it can be! We all hope you like it. It was blast!

Also I seemed to of misplaced my Pumbaa sketch for the archive collab. I thought I left it out, but it may of been packed D:
1000 x 572
175.1572265625 KB
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2016-06-14 18:14:52.0
Eh, getting better at Zazu. Might fix up the last pages to make him look better and fix a few flaws.
666 x 1000
187.5576171875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-06-07 11:12:44.0
Vitani with her cub C:

Requests still open for Canon, Semi Canon and maybe Canon-like OC's (Canon takes priority)
1000 x 820
104.35546875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-06-06 12:18:11.0
Ohi Tlkfaa!
-crickets chirp, Tumbleweed goes past-
Well the commenting 'lets get the archive rolling' fad ended pretty abruptly \:

Neitherless here's a Kion for you all. No toe colour as I like him better without them; plus he looks like he has a bit of his mother in him! (Kiara looks a lot like her mother, so the toe colour actually helps her look like Simba IMO)

Feel free to request Canon, Semi Canon and maaaybe Canon-like OC's (Canon takes priority) if anyone is still here D:
1000 x 575
180.1875 KB
Color PNG
6 faves
2016-05-07 10:08:35.0
Currently working on colouring this; It's not going as planned, and I'm starting to like the black and white version better |:

Figured I'd upload it as I know a few people like seeing black and white more than colour C:
741 x 1000
109.341796875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-04-26 20:02:28.0
Second page; That's it for now C:

Zazu is a pain in the butt to draw, so sorry he's off model

First page:

Next Page: Coming soon!
666 x 1000
150.8095703125 KB
Color JPEG
2016-04-26 15:47:17.0
The start of the comic. It's going to be slow going, especially to keep up the movie-like level of detail in the BGs, I have other projects but I shall try to get this done slowly.

I went with a more TLK1 colour palette for Kiara. I know a lot of you wanted her SP colours, but when paired against my colours for her family she looked very dull. Since I'm going with TLK1 in style & background I figured it would work better in the long run.

The theories used in this comic are one's I've been thinking about for a long time. They're not the most perfect fit but rather than re-hash the same theories seen repeatedly in the fandom I'm doing something different. I hope you can enjoy my spin on canon even if it has a good many plotholes.
667 x 1000
242.2216796875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-04-25 21:28:52.0
Best Kiara colours for a comic? :0

Don't hold your breath for thecomic, but it's in the works... Slowly!
862 x 1000
249.5068359375 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-04-24 10:29:52.0
Forgot to upload these; some TLK cub adopts I sold for points on DA. All but 3 sold, so I might use him for something C:
1000 x 300
98.4951171875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-04-21 16:38:51.0
Doodle of Kion; <b>In response to Sukala's bulletin.
Forgive me if I sound blunt; word count sucks.</B>

The problem with TLKfaa is that it lacks something that everyone wants to see; Canon art. Why come to TLKfaa where hardly any fanart is uploaded, when you can go to DA? That's not to say people's OCs aren't cool but it's not what brings people in!
Also the lack of big artists and veterans. We all grew up and went on to do other things. But now the archive doesn't have that following because there isn't anyone popular to follow to bring in and keep people.
No one wants to hang about because there isn't anything to stay for, or comment on. Canon is life blood here!
I'll try to doodle TLK but life and personal projects come first!
539 x 600
83.9345703125 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-04-18 16:07:02.0
This took quite long to finish. I tried a few different backgrounds but ultimately went for a cloudy sky instead.

Named after a song by Eiffel 65: that ended up influencing the background
1000 x 610
83.1806640625 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-04-05 19:17:01.0
Bust Painting for Enaxn (on DeviantArt) of their character :3
922 x 1000
251.6396484375 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2016-03-20 10:40:37.0
DA Commission for a Tarzan X Lion King crossover
1000 x 497
114.6767578125 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2016-02-25 12:43:11.0
An Africa Striped mouse with a piece of amber on their tail C:

Background/warm up practise!
800 x 563
106.578125 KB
Color JPEG
5 faves
2016-02-15 17:56:46.0
Experimental Commission for SunRei on DeviantArt!

SAI did not like this one. At one point it refused to save and I had to take it into Photoshop to finish it off \:
800 x 525
127.7802734375 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-02-09 15:59:46.0
Stylised Piece done in a mix of SAI and Photoshop.

I always associate Lions with the sun C:
432 x 800
134.4111328125 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-02-06 15:24:18.0
Done on Watercolour paper with Tea and Coffee grounds, a small bit of Gouche for the white and a putty coloured Pro-marker for the Background trees
563 x 800
286.23046875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-02-03 10:01:45.0
A Leopard done in Tea, Gouche, Promarkers and Metallic pens c:
800 x 641
171.1162109375 KB
Color JPEG
9 faves
2016-02-02 09:27:51.0
My Characters
I won't be uploading her again; this is a one off. But since the archive is the place that first made me design a fursona I figured it was fitting to just show her off the once.

This is Verdant. She's pretty much based off of my love of nature and my (Welsh) Celtic heritage. I wanted a design that would be fun but also free to rework and mess with so that other people could have fun with adding there own touch to her as well.

She's also a hare; rabbits are cute fuzzy babies, but hares are far more beautiful.
1000 x 694
123.5576171875 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-02-01 13:37:40.0
The Lion King Canon
A real media ( Tea, Watercolours, Gouche Pro markers and gold pens) Kion!

I've been busy stacking up a few pictures to upload as well as working on my real media skills!

Not too happy with this one. The tea base is defo something I should only use when I want colours darker. But then again it gives the paper a lovely texture to work on. Also need to remember not to put Gouche as a base; Gouche can move once wet again.

Overall it's not too bad. Need to work on backgrounds next me thinks!
533 x 800
146.578125 KB
Color JPEG
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2016-01-08 07:39:11.0
The Lion King Canon
Just something pixely to calm me down. Things have really gone wrong at the start of this year. Our sale fell though on our house and so we've lost the one we were buying. Back to square one, the same place as 8 months ago \: )

So have a tiny Jungle. I might come back at a later point and animate it (or not)
166 x 148
3.9697265625 KB
Color PNG
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2016-01-05 09:39:39.0
My Characters
Warning: Gore? Anatomy based art 0_o' idk

LionHeart. Had the idea for this guy for a while! Wanted to do him in realism first to see what went where. Next is a cartoon version to be made C:
800 x 545
112.6494140625 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-12-24 08:16:11.0
Lion and Wolf C: 50% off topic (bad Fluffy)

Might be done or not. I may ink and colour the front view possibly or add some more creatures. I don't really know where I was/I'm going with this honestly. Just a test to see how realistic yet stylised I could make something.

Realism is super helpful if you want to get your own style as you can pick out anatomy bits and exaggerate them to how you see the animal. Pretty much how Lion King style was made too!
1000 x 1000
135.0439453125 KB
Color JPEG
1 fave
2015-12-13 19:55:32.0
The Lion King Canon
Nala's designs across the movie universe. Poor Nala is really... Inconsistant, poor gal. Nala's TLK colours is from a spilt second scene before she chases Pumbaa, so she really does have green eyes!
Which design is your favourite? I actually like SP Nala over TLK Nala simply because I feel like her jaw is so fixed. She barely has any expression in the first movie and I feel like they spent all their time trying to make her look pretty. She looks a lot more realistic than any of the other lions, just because of her jaw set up.
In SP her jaw is much more in line with everyone else and looks so much better for it. More expressive (even for the tiny role she had in the movie). Now her eyes \: Well that's a different matter
1000 x 415
67.515625 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-11-26 17:49:35.0
AU Design Reference Sheets
Simba for our AU: I tried to make his adult look more mature than Lion King Simba but still have some of Simba's Pride and Lion Guard in him. Lion Guard colours because they are pretty.

Also Baby Simba in the movie has spots in the cave, but none when he's held up? I am mad, Disney. WHY?!

Feel free to use him but his colours and design were reworked for our AU just so you know C:
1000 x 493
119.578125 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-11-24 07:52:31.0
A Lioden Icon for Moro C:
800 x 800
95.5732421875 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-10-30 16:39:21.0
AU Design Reference Sheets
Ever since I concept-ed the idea of a white Uru in 2009 I've always had the issue of liking the concept, but not the design. I finally fixed that :3

This is a sheet for use in The Big AU between myself Blazing Black Mage and Suka

Ahadi will come later as I'm iffy with his design. He is currently a slightly golden scar colour with dual mane colours :3

Any more questions! Ask! You're free to disagree with the theory (just as I disagree with red/orange/gold Uru) but don't be a dick about it. :C The hate caused by the last ref sheet I uploaded of her almost made me quit the fandom.
1000 x 494
171.25 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-10-20 06:46:26.0
A Lioden commission for Maulise! It's of their lioness walking in her Pridelands :3
800 x 470
69.7822265625 KB
Color JPEG
4 faves
2015-10-13 08:49:09.0
More faces. Some referenced some not. Unreffed were just to test my understanding; you should always uses references no matter how well you think you should how to draw something!

Think I'm getting there!
1000 x 298
68.361328125 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-10-12 10:19:31.0
Back on the Studying! Trying to learn to understand lions rather than draw them blindly.
Getting better! Realised what's off with these; I keep trying to make their mouths curve up rather than angle down. Also need to make the top of the skull longer, ears need to be smaller. I have yet to figure out entirely that jaw line though. Still they are looking better than the last attempts!
1000 x 498
84.47265625 KB
Color JPEG
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2015-10-07 10:42:56.0
Painterly thing done as a icon on my Lioden account
800 x 800
108.2431640625 KB
Color JPEG
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