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Fluffy Siki

<center><font face="georgia" size="1"><marquee>Commissions will be open, but they won't be what you think they are. ;D</marquee>

**Thank you all who have given me gifts or trades. [: I LOVE each one, and I love you guys even more!**

March 29, 2010 - Yayyy update. :> Changed my name again for the second time. xD I fail, I know. Looked at an art school today, and I'm scared crapless that I'm not good enough. :'D Ah well, just more reason to quickly improve myself. ...COMMISSION ME? :'D

October 10th, 2009 - Golf is officially over, but that means way more homework for me. xD So there may be more uploads, who knows, but if there's more uploads, it probably means my grades aren't so hot, so feel free to yell at me. :> And, I'm moving again this year, so there may be a delay with uploads later on. Just a heads up. ^^

If you are a winner in my contest, <B>please comment in my artists comments with what you'd like.</B> Or, if you have a DeviantArt, comment on my artist page ( Thank you to all who participated, I'm pretty sure I'm giving everyone a prize. x3<P>

<U>Contest Winners and Requests</U><BR>
1. Asemini [2 "Super Big" pictures: As many characters as you want, full background, color, shading, the whole deal] - Whatever I want to do for it<BR>
2. Timba Twotail [1 "Super Big" picture: Max. 3 characters, full background, color, shading] - <B>Need a request</B><BR>
3. Beluga [1 "Big" picture: 1 character, fun background, shading, coloring] - <B>Need a request</B><BR>
4. Half-Moon [1 "Medium" picture: 1 character, no background, shading] - <B>Need a request</B><BR>
Extra. JazzSpark [Goggles picture] - Adam<P>;

Comment please if I still need your request. :B Thanks!

<U>Trade Slots:</U><BR>
1. Done!
2. DemyWemy - Done! Waiting for your part.
3. Done!
4. Lil'Tiger - Done! Waiting for your part.
5. Flying A.ce - Done!

<U>Commissioning Info:</U>
More to come on this. Trust me, they'll be cheap. ;D<P>

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I'm a dog / snow leopard person who likes to illustrate things sometimes. Currently based in Orlando.

April 13, 2014
Well ello there. I can't believe that I've never talked to you before haha! So any way....are you interested in an art/design trade or collab?

April 7, 2011
Birthday Art Trade, perhaps? XD

*edit* it's all goooddddd(: i can wait. plus, that gives me time to get situated with my own art trades. im kind of behind on a few of them cuz..well, artblock, rly. XD

Nov. 29, 2010
Love your gallery :] It's adorable.
I also saw in the Artists comments about the art college.
Man. I'm seriously in the same boat.
I'm scared out of my mind that I'm no where near good enough.
Haha I figured I'd message you because It's nice to have someone to relate to and to not be absolutely terrified alone.
But look on the bright side! It only determines the rest of our lives!

Aug. 8, 2010
ur art is beautiful- i was wondering if ud be up for a trade??

June 27, 2010
Good bulletin, although I wouldn't expect most of the kiddies on here to understand. They seem to forget very easily that once upon a time, they traced/referenced too.

June 24, 2010
Your art is Fluffy, cute and it hat something!

Really Good Work! I love your style...

June 24, 2010
i wish i were a zombie cuz u gotz brainzzzzz lol :3 *cheesy comment* your bulletin is so true in every aspect :)))
AND i love your art :DD

June 24, 2010
I wish is could fave your bulletin >8C *clings*

June 23, 2010
saw your bulletin <3 I so agree with you. Especially about the 'dont act like a jerk towards an art thief' thing. I mean, lets all be civil you know? Trust me, being a jerk towards an art thief on some sites can get you suspended (happened to me)

June 23, 2010
Kudos on your bulletin. You made some excellent points, and I agree with most of them. Mostly, I'm very glad that you keep a calm and clear head about everything, unlike a lot of people around here these days.

Keep it up.

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