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08:16 Sat 8/22/2009
18:04 Tue 8/11/2009

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Joined Aug 10, 2009
First Upload Aug 11, 2009
Latest Upload Aug 22, 2009
Age/Birthday Jun 5, 1987 (age 30)
Gender Female
Location Sunderland UK
Occupation Empire Cinema Team Member
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Accepting Requests or Commissions No
Reading writing, drawing, animating, singing, miming lol, dancing, guinea pigs, horses, rabbits, foxes, my little pony lol, Alice in wonderland, Anime, Manga, Frankie & Bennys, Cinema, BAF, Toni & Guy, Coke, Sean Bean, The Lion King, Jelly, Travelling, Blackpool, Rollercoasters, History, Victorians, Elizabethans, Medieval Britain, Archaeology, Dinosaurs, Nature, Sponge Bob, Bed, Disney, Silver, Yellow, Green, Cadburys, Norfolk, Flamingo Land, Bakewell, Binchester Roman Fort lol, Archers & Lemonade, Archers & Cranberry, Pizza, Make up, Rainbows, Rain...ETC

12:39 Sun 6/5/2011
Happy Birthday Fizzybubbles ^^
Hope you're still here and see this comment xD

20:40 Sun 8/16/2009
Very good! I'll be watching to see more pictures from you!

12:15 Sat 8/15/2009
wow, your really good! I am definately going to have to fav you so I can see more of your beautiful art. I love the picture of Vitani ^.^

13:14 Thu 8/13/2009
White Butterfly/NovaArt18
Welcome to the TLKFAA!!! ^^ Your really good! I can't wait to see more from you. And I'm another person who is HAPPY to answer any questions. :D
You should come up with a fursona design!!! And we should do a trade sometime!!!

10:15 Thu 8/13/2009
welcome =D

first off, nice name ;)

and I hope that you continue to draw and upload here as you improve your art skills!

10:02 Wed 8/12/2009
Welcome to the Archive! your first upload is beautiful! cant wait to see more from you ;3 if u need any questions answered im always here!^^

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