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Bulletin- 19 Oct 2012

HEY GUYS!!! Not much is up...just tryin to spread my name around the archive. I'm also on DA (under the same name)...come check it out :)

Commisions-Yep (leave a comment on my DA account and I'll see what i can do :)


25 June 2012

Ok. Well my laptop it truly stuffed and I'm stuck with pen and paper. Guys I need your help! If you are on DA, I need point commisions.

I'm cheap but me with a pencil and some paper can still make a pretty good pic. I can make new chars for you or redraw old ones. Just go to my account and drop a comment. PLZ!



7th May, 2012

OMGoodness guys! I am soooo sorry (specially to those who I owe trades). I've just started this new course at TAFE (college, sorta) and it has taken up all my spare time. *guilty face* I'll b puttin up alot of unfinished sketches.

Plz dont think I've 4gotten this place! I've started drawin my comics epilouge and i reckon its pretty good. I might (just for times sake)do it just in black & white. I'll put the chars ref sheet up in colour.

Thx 4 u'r patience!

People who i owe trades
(sketch finished, colourin)

(sketch finished, colourin)

4th February, 2012

I'm going to be gone for a bit because I'm working on the sketch of my comic, Sura's Archive-Settling Scores. I've almost finished the epilouge and will begin the draft pages.

So I will be gone for a while but inbetween writing and drawing comic pages, I'll try to get the ref pages for my chars uploaded on here.

Hold tight,

Hi everyone. My name is Firehart. Hope you like my stuff. Pretty, pretty please comment; I feed off the stuff but nothing mean please.

I'd love it too if anyone is willing, to do a request from you guys. Thank you and enjoy!

Yours awesomely and randomly,

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